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Thursday 8th October 2015
With a hefty £30m bank loan and massive expansion underway, where next for GaN-on-silicon LED pioneer, Plessey, asks Compound Semiconductor.
Thursday 1st October 2015
As solid state GaN power amplifiers permeate radar applications, UK developer, Diamond Microwave, is eyeing new markets. Compound Semiconductor reports.
Thursday 24th September 2015
As the GaN RF power amplifier penetrates wireless base stations, industry developments hint handsets could be next. Compound Semiconductor talks to Qorvo to find out more.
Thursday 17th September 2015
As AXT buys Crystacomm, Morris Young, AXT CEO, tells Compound Semiconductor about plans for six inch InP substrate growth, mobile markets and more.
Wednesday 9th September 2015
After years of doubt and delay, SiC device sales are set to soar. Compound Semiconductor talks to Yole Développement to find out more.
Tuesday 25th August 2015
'VirtualLab' from Fraunhofer and CEA will pioneer photovoltaics to strengthen European solar cell markets. Will industry bite, asks Compound Semiconductor?
Wednesday 12th August 2015
Cree's recent APEI acquisition is set to unlock the true potential of silicon carbide. Compound Semiconductor talks to company executives to find out more.
Sunday 2nd August 2015
With recent investment funds, Exagan is getting ready to market GaN-on-silicon FETs on 200 mm wafers. Compound Semiconductor reports.
Thursday 16th July 2015
Government cash will help UK LED manufacturer, Plessey, migrate more quickly to eight inch wafers. Compound Semiconductor finds out how.
Thursday 9th July 2015
Transphorm has won $70m to bring GaN to mainstream markets. President, Primit Parikh, reveals his plans.
Thursday 25th June 2015
SemiLEDs talks to Compound Semiconductor about flip-chip packages, high power lighting and success during tough times.
Thursday 11th June 2015
Cree has released a statement of intent to spin out its Power and RF business, but little else. Compound Semiconductor talks to Lux Research analyst, Pallavi Madakasira, to find out more.
Thursday 21st May 2015
Is the transistor laser ready to deliver the blindingly fast broadband speeds industry craves, asks Compound Semiconductor.
Thursday 7th May 2015
Will new LED packages bring brighter devices? Finland-based Inkron is poised to deliver this and more, reports Compound Semiconductor.
Thursday 30th April 2015
In the race to cut LED manufacturing costs, Plessey, UK, unveils bold plans for bigger wafers, chip-scale packaging and more.
Thursday 23rd April 2015
Can a new US-Ireland collaboration break down the materials barriers to next-generation GaN-on-silicon power electronics devices, asks Compound Semiconductor.
Thursday 26th March 2015
Could a new design of thermally integrated photonic system deliver the massive bandwidths datacommunications crave, asks Compound Semiconductor
Thursday 19th March 2015
As Riber outlines plans to buy MBE Control Solutions, Compound Semiconductor asks president Frederick Goutard what the future holds for the MBE industry heavyweight.
Thursday 19th February 2015
What does Soitec's decision to exit CPV mean for the rest of the industry, asks Compound Semiconductor.
Wednesday 11th February 2015
Transphorm ramps up GaN-on-silicon device production as photovoltaic inverter markets drive growth. Compound Semiconductor reports.
Thursday 29th January 2015
As cheap sapphire glass production gathers pace, solar cell start-up, Solar-Tectic, has set its sights on smartphones and more. Compound Semiconductor reports.
Thursday 22nd January 2015
Will US plans to drive integrated photonics forward finally deliver real products for real applications? Compound Semiconductor talks to industry executive, Michael Lebby, to find out more.
Thursday 15th January 2015
Late last year, M/A-COM added BinOptics to its ever-growing line of industry acquisitions. Where next for the high performance semiconductor supplier?
Wednesday 17th December 2014
Can SiC power electronics player, Anvil Semiconductor, deliver high performance green LEDs at CMOS prices? Compound Semiconductor finds out more.