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26th April 2022     26th April 2022


PEM Water Electrolysis Fills the Hydrogen Supply Gap for New and Expanding Fabs

This presentation will review the ease of use and the benefits associated with the reliance of hydrogen supply with an on-site Hydrogen gas generator utilizing PEM Technology. Attendees to the live event will receive a Professional Development Seminar Certificate of Completion Issued by Nel Hydrogen.
4th May 2022     4th May 2022


Using Multiple Spectroscopies to Characterize Semiconductor Wafers on One Platform

In this webinar, we show results from a multimodal microspectroscopy system from HORIBA for semiconductor characterization. The so-called SMS system is a modular and flexible system capable of accommodating up to seven different spectroscopies including Raman, Photoluminescence, Time-Resolved Photoluminescence (Lifetime), Reflectance and Transmittance, etc.
28th June 2022     29th June 2022

Brussels, Belgium

CS International 2022

At the next meeting, to be held in June 2022, presentations will cover five of the most important topics of our time: how to build faster, more frugal networks; what’s needed to drive the deployment of the microLED; how we will build a multi-billion dollar SiC industry; the opportunities for VCSELs and their surface-emitting cousins; and what are the best ways to exploit the glorious potential of GaN.
22nd July 2022     22nd July 2022

Fraunhofer IISB, Schottkystrasse 10, Erlangen, Germany

International Symposium on Failure Analysis and Material Testing - FAMT 2022

The design complexity of electronic components and the heterogeneity of new materials constantly increase with decreasing device sizes. New-engineered products need to secure a high level of reliability, sustainability, and longevity to meet the international quality standards. Detection and classification of nanometer-sized material defects require characterization methods with a resolution in the nanometer range. This symposium gathers the professionals from the electronic industry to discuss innovative testing methods at nanoscale and tools for physical failure analysis of the future.