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16th April 2024     17th April 2024

Brussels, Belgium

Are you going to CS International Conference? 3 events over 2 days with 1 ticket.

The 14th CS International builds on the strengths of its predecessors, with around 40 leaders from industry and academia delivering presentations that fall within five key themes: Ensuring SiC’s Phenomenal Success; Expanding Horizons for Surface Emitters; Accelerating the Growth of GaN; Taking Power from the Photon; and New Frontiers for the LED. Those attending these sessions will be rewarded with greater insight into device technologies while learning of the latest opportunities and trends within the compound semiconductor industry. Delegates will also discover significant advances in tools and processes that enable enhanced yield and throughput.
7th November 2023     23rd May 2024


Now On-Demand: Hydrogen Generation Industry Innovations to Meet Expanding North American Fab Hydrogen Requirements

The CHIPS & Science Act, along with domestic content regulations for electric vehicle and charging infrastructure subsidies, are driving huge investment in silicon and compound semiconductor fabs in the US. These fabs, large and small, have a constant need for ultrapure hydrogen gas for carrier gas, wafer annealing and other applications. Supply of hydrogen to semiconductor manufacturing has evolved over time, from delivered gaseous, to liquid delivery and various approaches of on-site generation. This evolution continues with the commercial successes of ultrapure hydrogen generation using modern PEM water electrolysis. PEM water electrolysis provides a variety of advantages for semiconductor hydrogen users: - Nearly zero hydrogen inventory for flexible siting - Zero carbon hydrogen if powered by clean electric power - Reliable hydrogen supply with minimal personnel - Consistent high purity and pressure - Scalable sizing This presentation will review the benefits associated with the production of hydrogen using an on-site PEM hydrogen gas generator. Attendees to the live event will receive a Professional Development Seminar Certificate of Completion Issued by Nel Hydrogen. Who should attend? Operating and technology personnel from Semiconductor related industry organizations that use hydrogen gas for any of their fabrication processes.