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Thursday 21st March 2019
UV LEDs produce five times higher light intensity thanks to a bit of aluminium
Tuesday 12th March 2019
Chicago team tune quantum dots to collect multiple wavelengths within the infrared spectrum
Tuesday 12th March 2019
Study led by Berkeley Lab reveals how aligned layers of 2D semiconductors can yield new quantum material
Tuesday 12th March 2019
Swiss team combins different naturally occurring patterns to create new synthetic materials
Thursday 7th March 2019
Scientists show how new hybrid material can be precisely controlled by twisting stacked atomic layers
Wednesday 6th March 2019
Japanese team demonstrates system that could lead to THz speed computation
Tuesday 5th March 2019
Rice University scientists show how monocrystals of hexagonal boron nitride come together
Friday 1st March 2019
Organisation to develop new platform for very high performance X-ray detectors
Thursday 28th February 2019
Japanese team shows that steps that form during LED fabrication improve their efficiency by creating tiny paths of electric current
Tuesday 5th February 2019
Taking high power microwave devices for networks and radar systems to the next level
Tuesday 29th January 2019
Korean team develops platform suitable for synthesising hBN and other 2D materials
Tuesday 29th January 2019
New thin-film semiconductor fabrication process could be used for low-cost optoelectronic devices
Tuesday 29th January 2019
MIT team uses MoS2 in novel 'rectenna' for powering electronics without batteries
Friday 25th January 2019
NYU Tandon-led research team invents thermal lithography process
Thursday 24th January 2019
German team to research scandium aluminium nitride (ScAlN)
Thursday 17th January 2019
Researchers now focusing on making their SwitchGlaze perovskite technology better
Friday 11th January 2019
Los Alamos team uses 'strain engineering' to produce stable, narrow linewidth light
Friday 11th January 2019
US team makes spintronic green LED and spin valve from perovskite
Friday 11th January 2019
UK researchers tweak the characteristics of transport layers to reduce energy losses
Friday 11th January 2019
FAU team finds defects in power transistors more accurately, quickly and simply
Wednesday 9th January 2019
Record 22.3 percent efficiency for tandem of III-V layers on silicon
Friday 21st December 2018
Promising future in high-voltage rectifiers for power conditioning and in electric cars and PV systems
Tuesday 18th December 2018
International team develop techqnique to create a single-crystal hybrid perovskite sandwich