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Tuesday 18th July 2017
Efficient upconversion of light could let solar cells turn otherwise-wasted infrared sunlight into electricity
Thursday 13th July 2017
GaSb technology captures nearly all of the energy in the solar spectrum
Wednesday 12th July 2017
'Controlled spalling' technique holds promise for improved thermal characteristics, lightweight stackability and flexibility
Monday 10th July 2017
290Hz signal claimed to be more than ten times more coherent than any other laser on a chip
Friday 30th June 2017
UK scientists develop semiconductor-based photocatalytic material to remove man-made dye pollutants
Thursday 15th June 2017
Paint with MoS2 catalyst offers 'endless' energy by turning water vapour into hydrogen and oxygen
Thursday 1st June 2017
EPFL scientists' 2D/3D hybrid cell delivers 11.2 percent efficiency without performance loss
Tuesday 30th May 2017
Monolithic circuit is 'a milestone for low-cost, high-resolution broadband and hyperspectral imaging systems'
Thursday 25th May 2017
Technique can 'tune' the refractive index for visible light in 2D semiconductors by up to 60 percent
Thursday 18th May 2017
Tunable optical metamaterial paves way to ultrafast information transfer on the nanoscale
Monday 15th May 2017
Study shows significance of carbon impurities for polarity and growth mode of AlN films grown on sapphire
Thursday 11th May 2017
Perovskite solar cells could be improved by atomic-scale redesign
Saturday 6th May 2017
Minnesota team says wide bandgap BaSnO3 film is ideal material for improving electronics and solar cells
Thursday 4th May 2017
Study adds 'persistent photoconductivity' to the toolbox for developing new bioelectronic devices
Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Fast, non-destructive optical method uses fluorescent microscopy to analyse defects
Tuesday 25th April 2017
New study shows the thermodynamic entropy behaviour of InGaN/GaN nanowires
Wednesday 19th April 2017
Copying technique could cut the cost of compound semiconductor devices
Wednesday 19th April 2017
Long processing window allows scalable production of thin films for high-efficiency solar cells
Tuesday 11th April 2017
Processor chip made of 115 MoS2 transistors is first step toward ultra-thin, flexible logic devices
Tuesday 11th April 2017
InAs-based particles are ‘orders of magnitude better than previous materials’ 
Friday 7th April 2017
Standard printing techniques combine graphene sheets with WSe2 and BN to make working transistors
Tuesday 4th April 2017
Over 26 percent efficiency achieved using perovskite-silicon tandem approach 
Tuesday 4th April 2017
Demonstrates continuous-wave lasing oscillation by sub-wavelength III-V nanowire and high-speed signal modulation by nanowire laser
Thursday 30th March 2017
US researchers create layered material that can be used to develop rGO transistors