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Tuesday 5th August 2014
Material can be easily tuned to emit light in a variety of colours, say researchers
Tuesday 29th July 2014
Design aims to improve control for plural enhanced or depletion mode transistors 
Friday 25th July 2014
First nitride-based red LED with the light output exceeding 1mW at 20 mA
Thursday 24th July 2014
Device  could be future optical replacement for on-chip wires
Thursday 24th July 2014
Research takes another step towards future multifunctional nanoelectronic devices
Tuesday 22nd July 2014
Dots act as luminescent downshifters
Tuesday 15th July 2014
Studies suggest possibility of new class of acousto-electrically amplified resonant devices
Friday 11th July 2014
Software gives access to NRC's GaN electronics fabrication service 
Thursday 10th July 2014
Phase-change film 'sandwich' shows potential for thin, flexible nano-pixel displays
Wednesday 9th July 2014
Study demonstrates possibility of using GaN layers to make flexible transparent substrates
Friday 4th July 2014
Higher light extraction efficiency results from a novel architecture formed by laser drilling and photochemical etching
Friday 4th July 2014
In-situ annealing nearly doubles electron mobility in InGaAs MISFETs
Thursday 3rd July 2014
Million times higher intensity frequency-doubled output
Wednesday 2nd July 2014
III-V layers as next generation channel materials
Tuesday 1st July 2014
Findings are of key importance for all solar conversion systems
Monday 30th June 2014
Another step towards a new generation of atomic and molecular electronic integrated circuits
Monday 30th June 2014
Four fold carrier multiplication yield in nanoengineered quantum dots
Friday 27th June 2014
Magenesium chloride could replace toxic cadmium chloride say researchers
Thursday 26th June 2014
Hot-carrier photocurrent from an InGaAs single quantum well solar cell
Thursday 26th June 2014
Low cost pulsed sputtering technique shows promise for large area InGaN LED displays
Monday 23rd June 2014
By nanoengineering PbSe/CdSe quantum dots, intraband cooling is slowed down so that holes reside in the shell long enough to produce emission
Sunday 15th June 2014
New research hopes to improve the performance of processors, drivers, controllers and other circuits
Thursday 12th June 2014
GaAs and InGaAs solar cells in a stack have a combined efficiency of 25.2 percent
Wednesday 11th June 2014
III-V MOSFETs could lower power consumption for the next generation of servers