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Tuesday 17th March 2015
Solvent-solvent extraction (SSE) process can form crystalline films on virtually any substrate
Friday 13th March 2015
Lasertel diode arrays combine advanced semiconductor laser technology with novel micro-optics 
Friday 13th March 2015
Collaboration achieves breakthrough in monitoring InGaN/GaN quantum well emission wavelengths
Wednesday 11th March 2015
Researchers use GaLaSO to demonstrate optical equivalents of brain functions
Tuesday 10th March 2015
Off-axis substrates use layers to minimise potential defects
Monday 9th March 2015
Semiconductor coating paves the way for using solar power to split water into hydrogen fuel
Thursday 5th March 2015
Growing perovskite film in ambient air results in larger grain sizes
Wednesday 4th March 2015
Ability to predict magnetic vortex behaviour lays foundations for future computer chips
Tuesday 3rd March 2015
 'Thermally Integrated Smart Photonics Systems' (TIPS) project to develop the next generation of photonic devices
Tuesday 3rd March 2015
MIT teams tunes energy levels through surface chemistry to reach high efficiencies 
Friday 27th February 2015
Thursday 26th February 2015
Dual-type nanowire arrays could be used in applications such as LEDs and solar cells
Wednesday 25th February 2015
Smaller is not necessarily stronger
Tuesday 24th February 2015
21 percent efficiency achieved with ZnOS and ZnMgO buffer layer
Friday 20th February 2015
‘Seeding’ with a precursor allows growth control using CVD
Friday 20th February 2015
Mixture of iron, bismuth and selenium is stable at room temperature
Thursday 19th February 2015
Small, thin 2D sensors have high level of selectivity when detecting gases and chemicals
Thursday 19th February 2015
Sequences of 2D materials such MoS2, insulating hexagonal BN, and graphene can be stacked to create novel devices
Wednesday 18th February 2015
CdO doped with dysprosium  - a gateway to faster, more efficient optoelectronics
Tuesday 17th February 2015
Novel solid-state nanomaterial platform enables terahertz photonics
Tuesday 17th February 2015
Radiation-resistant spintronic material could enabling electronic devices that will work in harsh environments