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Tuesday 29th November 2016
Plasmon-exciton-plasmon interconversion used in optical circuits made of silver nanowires and 2D semiconductors
Monday 28th November 2016
New 2D semiconductor shows potential for the future of super-fast electronics.
Friday 25th November 2016
New perovskite could be used to build next generation hard drives
Thursday 24th November 2016
2D materials could bring smaller, faster computer circuits to realisation.
Tuesday 22nd November 2016
UCL Business PLC to support commercialisation of process
Tuesday 15th November 2016
Rice University researchers show how tiny flaws can initiate catastrophic cracking for MoSe2 under strain
Friday 11th November 2016
Japanese team demonstrates design that provides good conduction and is readily grown
Thursday 10th November 2016
Korean team uses graphene/MoS2 sandwich to make 1.3nm device
Wednesday 9th November 2016
Researchers use 'direct wafer bonding' of III-V semiconductor material to achieve 30.2 percent efficiency
Tuesday 8th November 2016
Development lays groundwork for integrated device operating as a laser, amplifier, modulator, and absorber
Tuesday 8th November 2016
Perovskite/BN sandwich absorbs most of visible light spectrum
Monday 7th November 2016
UCSB researchers warn that trace amounts of transition metal impurities act as recombination centres in GaN semiconductors
Thursday 27th October 2016
Laser recrystallisation can create functional materials for faster transistors, optical transmission
Friday 21st October 2016
Adding disorder to MoS2 alters thermal anisotropy ratio in a predictable way
Thursday 20th October 2016
Stanford, Oxford team creates high-efficiency double perovskite tandem cells
Tuesday 18th October 2016
US researchers say light-activated phenomenon could become the basis for microscopic robotic grippers and solar cells
Tuesday 18th October 2016
Dartmouth researchers to demonstrate â€˜DarkLight’ prototype supporting 1.6kbps data rate at 1.8m distance.
Tuesday 11th October 2016
Berkeley Lab-led research breaks size barrier by creating 1nm gate
Monday 10th October 2016
NREL researchers use nanoscale confinement to convert sunlight to electricity with 10.77 percent efficiency
Tuesday 27th September 2016
Tandem module surpasses highest efficiencies of separate perovskite and CIGS modules
Friday 23rd September 2016
Efficiency of hybrid inorganic perovskite solar cells could be greater than expected
Wednesday 21st September 2016
Privacy-preserving time-of-flight sensing without cameras awarded US patent
Wednesday 14th September 2016
LESA makes high speed visible-light transmission link with a fully integrated microchip receiver