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Friday 10th August 2018
Scientists at the University of Washington show that two stacked monolayers of WTe2 produce spontaneous electrical polarisation
Wednesday 8th August 2018
NASA teams investigate the potential for GaN to map the earths's magnetosphere and to make a solid-state neutron detector
Tuesday 7th August 2018
Finnish optoelectronics professor to review the latest advances in developing light sources for heterogenous integration with silicon
Tuesday 31st July 2018
Physicists have succeeded in experimentally demonstrating Wannier-Stark localisation for the first time in GaAs
Thursday 26th July 2018
2D semiconductor device sets the stage for new generation of optoelectronic devices that consume less energy and are smaller and faster than current devices
Saturday 21st July 2018
New findings will help to optimise the growth of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures for deep-UV emitters
Friday 20th July 2018
Defect-free boron arsenide is more effective at drawing and dissipating waste heat than any other known semiconductor or metal materials, say researchers
Monday 16th July 2018
NREL's D-HVPE process relies on a dual-chamber reactor that greatly reduces the time to make a solar cell from an hour or two using MOVPE to two just minutes
Friday 13th July 2018
Coating star-shaped gold nanoparticles with titanium dioxide can produce hydrogen from water over four times more efficiently than other methods
Thursday 12th July 2018
Putting blue LEDs in a quantum dot solution could lead to more energy-efficient lighting
Monday 9th July 2018
Efficient use of polarisation charges in III-Nitride nanowire solar cells delivers conversion efficiency of 9.82 percent with high fill factor of 94.34 percent
Friday 6th July 2018
University of Illinois team optimise crystal growing process of previously predicted class of ultrahigh thermal conductivity materials.
Friday 6th July 2018
Narrow-band UV photodetector is based on indium oxide nanocrystals embedded in a thin film of aluminum oxide
Friday 6th July 2018
Researchers use tandem solar cell of III-V semiconductors with a catalyst of rhodium nanoparticles and a crystalline titanium dioxide coating to raise efficiency of hydrogen production to 19 percent
Wednesday 4th July 2018
Tokyo research team shows that copper nitride acts as an n-type semiconductor and could replace CdTe and CIGS in photovoltaic cells.
Tuesday 3rd July 2018
Researchers show that AlAsSb grown on InP has a larger ionisation coefficient ratio than even that seen in silicon
Saturday 30th June 2018
Using molecular dynamics, researchers demonstrate the possible role of nitrogen as a major contributor to dislocation-related effects in GaN-based devices.
Friday 29th June 2018
Optical metamixer mixed two laser pulses to produce 11 waves of light ranging from the near infrared to ultraviolet
Tuesday 26th June 2018
Team from the Technical University of Munich use asymmetric plasmonic antennas to deliver femtosecond pulses for fast optoelectronics
Tuesday 26th June 2018
A range of characterisation techniques reveal that while AlInN films have some great attributes, they can be let down by surface pits
Monday 25th June 2018
Purging with a tin-based metal organic increases the transmittance of ITO, and lowers the operating voltage of the LEDs that employ this oxide
Thursday 21st June 2018
Work at Exeter University on MoTe2 could mean frontline troops have solar panel shirts and data storage in their combats
Wednesday 20th June 2018
US team show how perovskite material has optical properties that could enable better infrared detection in a range of applications
Tuesday 19th June 2018
Team has developed method to put thousands of thin-film blue vertical micro LEDs on plastics using a one-time transfer