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Thursday 3rd March 2011
Growing the active region of the deep UV-LEDs under a liquid phase growth mode produces AlGaN alloys with a strong band structure potential fluctuations and LEDs with high internal quantum efficiency.
Wednesday 2nd March 2011
Infinera's InP monolithic PIC contains more than 150 optical components, which are all integrated onto a single chip smaller than a fingernail.
Wednesday 2nd March 2011
NIST researchers have shown that electron beam lithography and etching can produce quantum dots which can be shaped and positioned more reliably than dots made with conventional crystal growth methods.
Friday 25th February 2011
LG Innotek and the University of Delaware's Institute of Energy Conversion (IEC) will explore the development of a high-voltage CIGS “superstrate” solar cell structure. Unlike most CIGS solar cell modules which require two pieces of glass, the superstrate cell will require only one sheet of glass, on the light-exposed side of the cell solar cell.
Wednesday 23rd February 2011
The highly integrated DOTFIVE chips-set includes all required circuitry and the technology could be a key driver in the THz imaging, security, medical and scientific markets.
Friday 11th February 2011
A team from Chang Gung University says efficiency droop is probably dominated by the injection efficiency of holes rather than electron leakage in wide-well InGaN DH LEDs.
Monday 7th February 2011
This technique may provide a powerful and new avenue for engineering on-chip nanophotonic devices such as lasers, photodetectors, modulators and solar cells.
Friday 4th February 2011
Theorists argue that electron overflow, the primary cause of LED droop, is sensitive to the properties of the electron-blocking layer
Thursday 3rd February 2011
By implanting a buffer made of argon, researchers have created GaN devices that can handle 10 times as much power as those without.
Thursday 27th January 2011
The piezoelectric coefficient in 2.4 nm diameter GaN nanowires is about 100 times larger when compared to the coefficients of the material on a macroscale.
Wednesday 26th January 2011
Defects in the gallium nitride LED film are drawn to voids and become trapped leaving the portions of the film above the voids with far fewer defects.
Wednesday 26th January 2011
Researchers have created a triple junction solar cell using GaAsN grown using MOCVD. The key to making the multiband cell work is to make sure the intermediate band is isolated from the contacts where current is collected.
Wednesday 19th January 2011
Novel nanostructures could lead to a new generation of cleaner products for semiconductors, air conditioners, car exhaust systems and solar power applications.