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Tuesday 27th November 2012
A tuneable material using sapphire and vanadium dioxide developed at Harvard boasts nearly 100 percent absorption on demand
Tuesday 20th November 2012
Using a novel molten droplet method to make lava dots out of zinc sulphide, cadmium sulphide and zinc selenide, hollow particles can exceed some performance metrics of quantum dots in a solar-cell test device
Monday 19th November 2012
A new technique could potentially allow the fabrication of entire integrated circuits from graphene without the need for interfaces that introduce resistance
Monday 19th November 2012
Fraunhofer ISE has explored the limits of a new technology with gallium nitride power transistors
Tuesday 13th November 2012
Using multiple tiers of indirect bandgap semiconductors, such as silicon and germanium, it is claimed that efficiencies of 40 percent can be reached
Thursday 25th October 2012
Indium arsenide QDs offer a better alternative to gallium arsenide and may allow quantum researchers to manipulate a large number of qubits, enough for a practical machine
Wednesday 17th October 2012
By doping gallium arsenide with manganese, researchers have unlocked some ferromagnetic secrets of promising materials for computing
Wednesday 17th October 2012
Laser cooling achieved with gallium nitride could enable scientists to observe novel quantum effects and make the HEMTS used in satellites more resistant to damaging ultraviolet rays
Thursday 11th October 2012
As concentrated photovoltaic players Amonix and GreenVolts run into trouble, analysts predict a bright future for the solar technology. Compound Semiconductor talks to IMS Research to find out why.
Tuesday 2nd October 2012
For the first time, researchers have watched and controlled 3D gallium arsenide etching in real time
Monday 1st October 2012
Using indium arsenide and indium gallium arsenide materials, scientists have recently observed how electrons in individual quantum dots absorb energy and emit it again as light
Monday 24th September 2012
The laser-guided device allows measurements to be taken from the roadside at night
Friday 21st September 2012
Gallium nitride transistors with good structural and electrical characteristics have been produced by ammonia MBE on a 100 mm silicon substrate
Tuesday 18th September 2012
The concentration of gallium in the confining layers immediately above the indium phosphide self assembled quantum dots strongly influences their properties
Tuesday 11th September 2012
A new laser-based solar simulator produces a spectral distribution almost identical to sunlight at wavelengths from 450 to 1750 nm. It can be used to characterise solar cells including III-V multi-junction based modules
Monday 10th September 2012
A novel flexible structure composed of gallium arsenide nanowires on graphene could revolutionise the entire semiconductor industry
Monday 10th September 2012
Researchers have demonstrated a noise-free wavelength conversion using silicon nitride waveguides fabricated on a silicon substrate
Monday 3rd September 2012
Using a new technique known as void-assisted separation, Hitachi Cable has developed gallium nitride power devices with low dislocation densities and a very high breakdown voltage
Tuesday 28th August 2012
A tool created by scientists at the University of Sheffield has enabled researchers to analyse nanometre-sized devices without destroying them for the first time. The tool could be used in harvesting solar energy, computing and communication
Monday 27th August 2012
Researchers have developed indium phosphide based long-wavelength VCSELs which have a bandwidth of 100nm
Friday 24th August 2012
The firm's latest solar cell contains abundantly available materials and goes beyond 11 percent efficiency. IBM says CZTS could compete with CIGS and CdTe in the future as the latter two compounds contain rare and expensive elements
Friday 24th August 2012
According to new research, a novel technique of fabricating zinc selenide / cadmium sulphide photovoltaic films could produce a more stable solar panel than organic versions and reach commercialisation
Thursday 23rd August 2012
A novel technique combines electronic excitation and optical detection, to explore the inside of a photonic crystal and study the confinement of light in a silicon nitride membrane Mainbody:
Wednesday 22nd August 2012
A new type of material based on manganese doped Bi2Te3−ySey opens the door to electronics based on topologically non-trivial materials