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Lab & Fab

Friday 30th January 2015
Team determines diffusion length as well as mobility of electrons through the material
Friday 30th January 2015
Solution-based, hot-casting allows growth of solar cells from large-area perovskite crystals
Wednesday 28th January 2015
£3.1m to explore the potential of resonant tunneling diode technology
Wednesday 28th January 2015
Femtosecond laser used to manipulate valley excitons in Mx2 materials
Tuesday 27th January 2015
Breakthrough has potential applications in information storage and processing
Monday 26th January 2015
InAs and GaSb combination would allow cheaper, more compact systems
Friday 23rd January 2015
Device can be readily transferred to silicon substrates for chip-level optical communications
Thursday 22nd January 2015
Optical Fourier synthesis approach would suit low-cost, highly integrated semiconductor lasers
Wednesday 21st January 2015
Project could turn smartphones into projectors
Tuesday 20th January 2015
Chaotic D-cavity laser combines the brightness of traditional lasers with the lower image corruption of LEDs
Monday 19th January 2015
GeSn laser can be applied directly onto a silicon chip
Monday 19th January 2015
Hyperbolic metamaterial structure can both enhance and capture quantum dot light emissions
Friday 16th January 2015
Double quantum dot structure allows full control over motion of single electrons
Friday 16th January 2015
Silicon/perovskite tandem achieves 17 percent efficiency; CIGS/perovskite reaches 18.6 percent
Wednesday 14th January 2015
AlN electron-blocking layers in ZnO significantly boost output voltage
Tuesday 13th January 2015
Measured energy-transfer rates10 times more than values expected from Förster theory
Tuesday 13th January 2015
Graphene encapsulated in BN enables light control in tiny circuits with reduced energy loss
Tuesday 13th January 2015
Sol-gel doping method is simple, efficient and scalable
Friday 9th January 2015
Laterally-arranged multi-colour subpixels enable controlled light mixing at the chip-level
Thursday 8th January 2015
(Or why blue LEDS are so tricky to make)
Tuesday 6th January 2015
Funding supports research into layered oxide ferroics, novel materials for solar cells and LEDs, and optically active particles
Monday 5th January 2015
Molecular ‘glue’ could provide a boost in solar performance