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Friday 20th November 2020
Researchers invent a novel VCSEL by combining multiple transverse coupled cavities
Wednesday 4th November 2020
Rice University engineers show how 2D compound semiconductor can desalinate industrial-strength brine
Friday 30th October 2020
Researchers identify information previously invisible using Diamond's ePSIC facility and microscopes at Oxford University
Friday 30th October 2020
Tohoku University research fndings confirm the accuracy of omnidirectional photoluminescence (ODP) spectroscopy for probing semiconductor crystals
Tuesday 27th October 2020
Rice University team shows that layered compound of caesium, bismuth and iodine is adept at storing valley states of electrons in the structure's odd layers
Tuesday 27th October 2020
Korean team solves another piece of the solar power efficiency puzzle
Wednesday 21st October 2020
Armor solar power films reach 26 percent efficiency
Friday 16th October 2020
Prototype thermochromic window not only reduces the need for air conditioning but simultaneously generates electricity
Wednesday 14th October 2020
Project to investigate nonlinear effects in semiconductor lasers is a stepping-stone to enable next generation higher-order modulation in fibre optic networks
Monday 12th October 2020
Reducing the density of electrically-active grain boundaries and making CIGS layers with larger grains could boost efficiency
Friday 9th October 2020
Indian researchers report power conversion efficiency of 25 percent from novel multi quantum well approach
Thursday 8th October 2020
Tohoku University team's omnidirectional photoluminescence teaches old spectroscopy new tricks
Tuesday 6th October 2020
Multi-operation mode light-emitting field-effect transistor based on graphene and monolayer WSe2
Tuesday 6th October 2020
US study provides a new understanding of the effect of atomic mass increase on heat transfer
Wednesday 30th September 2020
Multi-stack of CQDs offers low-cost solution processability, easy CMOS integration and a readily tuneable bandgap
Monday 21st September 2020
Nanoribbon approach to scaling-up production shows promise for applications ranging from water decontamination to faster computing
Monday 21st September 2020
A trilayer structure incorporating a thin n-doped buffer yields a promising performance as both a detector and emitter
Friday 18th September 2020
Japanese team discovers new alkali copper halide that could provide a more efficient, easily processable, durable, eco-friendly source of blue light
Thursday 17th September 2020
Semiconductor/superconductor/ferromagnetic insulator hybrid can hold delicate quantum information and protect it from decoherence
Tuesday 15th September 2020
KAUST team show that silicon bandgap gets smaller as the device gets hotter while the perovskite bandgap gets larger
Monday 14th September 2020
Latest findings have implications for all semiconductors where alloying is the standard approach to band gap tuning, say researchers
Monday 7th September 2020
Penn State researchers made novel light sensor based on the 2D compound semiconductor material MoS2
Thursday 3rd September 2020
Suppression of triplet excitons shown to be key for preventing 'lasing death' that has been limiting long operation
Thursday 3rd September 2020
Using TaS2, Rice researchers find effect that could aid 3D displays, virtual reality, and self-driving vehicles