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Wednesday 2nd September 2020
University of Texas at Dallas researchers make novel LED using remote epitaxy
Wednesday 26th August 2020
Canadian team creates first blue perovskite LED with an external quantum efficiency higher than 10 percent
Friday 21st August 2020
Graphene and 2D hexagonal boron nitride 'sandwich' works as ultra sensitive Hall effect device
Thursday 20th August 2020
Micro transfer-printing technique shows promise for laser power beaming as a way of transferring energy over fibre or free space
Monday 17th August 2020
NJIT team UV emitters can be directly used in several practical applications, including UV curing, phototherapy, water/air/surface purification and disinfection.
Friday 14th August 2020
New design overcomes long-standing LED efficiency problem - and can transform into a laser
Friday 14th August 2020
Research could contribute to building highly integrated optoelectronics on silicon substrates
Thursday 13th August 2020
Experiment sets the foundation for future near-Earth application as well as potential deep space missions
Wednesday 12th August 2020
Efficiency of 25.9 percent for a III-V/Si tandem solar cell grown directly on silicon marks important milestone
Monday 10th August 2020
Breakthrough laser operates in pulsed conditions up to 100 kelvins
Monday 3rd August 2020
Korean team replace CdS buffer layer with zinc- based materials to achieve 18 percent conversion efficiency
Friday 31st July 2020
Deep UV-LEDs are faster in their communications than traditional LEDs and can be detected without solar interference
Thursday 30th July 2020
Fabrication method results in flexible single-crystal films with controlled area, thickness, and composition
Thursday 30th July 2020
Scientists from Imperial College London and the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati have reported an alternative route for improving light extraction from LEDs
Tuesday 28th July 2020
Experts call for global effort to clear hurdles to mass production
Thursday 23rd July 2020
Researchers describe unique system for testing how well narrow wavebands of UV light kill germs
Wednesday 22nd July 2020
Scientists demonstrate room-temperature low-threshold lasing from a cavity mode hosted within the topological bandgap of the structure
Tuesday 21st July 2020
Solar modules measuring 22.4 cm2 function stably for over 2000 hours at 16.6 percent efficiency
Thursday 16th July 2020
Space qualified laser diode benches (LDBs) generate a pump power of over 60 watts in double pulses with a repetition rate of 20 hertz and 150 microsecond pulse width
Wednesday 15th July 2020
High efficiency converter generates electricity from III–V triple-junction solar cells on GaAs substrates
Wednesday 15th July 2020
Researchers show how vibrations of atoms in a crystal of GaAs are impulsively shifted to a higher frequency by an optically excited electric current
Wednesday 15th July 2020
Thermal co-evaporation method can fabricate solar cell modules of 21 cm2 size with conversion efficiencies of 18.1 per cent.
Tuesday 14th July 2020
2D layered-structure perovskite device maintained memory characteristics over 140 degC and could be operated at voltages lower than 1V
Tuesday 14th July 2020
2D materials need new types of insulators if we are to produce ever smaller generations of efficient and powerful electronic components