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Thursday 18th September 2014
Correlated oxide transistor achieves 'colossal' switchable resistance 
Wednesday 17th September 2014
Team overcomes  lattice mismatch to integrate light-emitting quantum dots on silicon
Monday 15th September 2014
Epitaxial graphene grown on SiC used as a template for the growth of GaN
Friday 12th September 2014
Berkeley Lab discovery holds promise for nanoelectronic and photonic applications
Tuesday 9th September 2014
'A beautiful combination of classical laws of motion and the quantum wave nature of electrons...'
Friday 5th September 2014
Another step towards computer chips capable of transporting digital information at the speed of light.
Monday 1st September 2014
Ultra smooth GaAs films deposited on Si using graphene buffers 
Monday 1st September 2014
Researchers show precise control of spin using inter-valley transitions
Friday 29th August 2014
Researchers report control of photons with a 98.4 percent success rate
Thursday 28th August 2014
Composition-graded electron blocking layer boosts output power
Thursday 28th August 2014
InGaAs grown on a Si donor wafer uses III-V buffer layer
Wednesday 27th August 2014
Demonstration of ultrafast charge transfer in photo-excited 2D semiconductors
Wednesday 27th August 2014
Scalable technique would suit mass-production  
Friday 22nd August 2014
Approach holds promise for synchronous RF/optical comms and more...
Thursday 21st August 2014
SCAM substrate better than sapphire for crystal defects      
Wednesday 20th August 2014
Photoelectrochemical etching produces VCSELS with polarisation ratio of 100 percent 
Monday 18th August 2014
Lead from a single car battery could power 30 households.
Thursday 14th August 2014
Rice, Osaka scientists use terahertz waves to spot contaminants 
Wednesday 13th August 2014
Hybrid perovskites are 'best of both worlds' for light harvesting
Tuesday 12th August 2014
Perovskite materials embedded in flexible fibre
Monday 11th August 2014
Protective plastic promises greener grass for longer...
Monday 11th August 2014
$1.7m US research grant to focus on new 2D materials
Thursday 7th August 2014
Technique scalable to 300mm wafers
Tuesday 5th August 2014
Researchers combine tungsten diselenide with molybdenum disulphide to create 'designer' optoelectronic material