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Monday 15th February 2016
US scientists demonstrate n-doping through surface transfer from sodium
Thursday 11th February 2016
GaAs nanowire lasers produce infrared light under pulsed excitation
Thursday 4th February 2016
Technique can create up a 100- to 200-square-inch film of Q-BN or c-BN in one second
Wednesday 3rd February 2016
Integration of III-V materials with silicon shows promise for mainstream electronics
Tuesday 2nd February 2016
Analysis of electron spin lifetime is step towards new generation of low power devices
Friday 22nd January 2016
US researchers look to nanoscale semiconductors to combat future superbugs
Thursday 21st January 2016
Manchester team shows potential for using carrier doping to tune programmable QCL lasers
Friday 15th January 2016
Bell Labs team shows how GaAs and GaInP outperform silicon and dye-sensitized solar cells in low light
Wednesday 13th January 2016
Research team shows how oxygen can be fine-tuned to improve the optical performance of europium-doped GaN LEDs
Friday 8th January 2016
Oxford team increases thermal and photostability while maintaining high efficiency
Thursday 7th January 2016
Electrically tunable wavelength with high power output could improve detection of hazardous chemicals
Wednesday 6th January 2016
Dual-junction GaInP /silicon cell reaches 29.8 percent conversion efficiency
Tuesday 29th December 2015
NIST, IBM researchers report new addition to toolkit of semiconductor 'self-assembly' methods
Tuesday 29th December 2015
New laser uses array of many small antenna-coupled laser cavities
Thursday 24th December 2015
 3-by-6-mm chip packs two processor cores with more than 70 million transistors and 850 photonic components
Tuesday 8th December 2015
US team overcomes transistor power limitations with the help of 2D MoS2
Thursday 3rd December 2015
New semiconductor nanostructures help qubit electrons store information longer
Wednesday 2nd December 2015
 Virtually perfect layer of hexagonal BN made using CVD with a 'twist'
Wednesday 2nd December 2015
III-V nanowires, IGZO transistors and GeSn lasers featured in US conference
Friday 27th November 2015
Optoelectronically perfect monolayer made by dipping into organic superacid
Friday 27th November 2015
Finnish researchers say LED cooling could remove the need for heat sinks for high-power devices
Friday 20th November 2015
Japanese group improves conversion efficiency in cells larger than 1cm2
Thursday 12th November 2015
EPFL scientists develop solar-panel material for X-rays and visible light
Tuesday 10th November 2015
Edinburgh University technology could provide Internet for the cost of a solar-panel and an LED light