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Tuesday 26th January 2021
Seoul National University and University of Pennsylvania teams create perovskite LEDs with the world's highest efficiency
Friday 22nd January 2021
international team finds novel way to extends titanium dioxide's photosensitivity to visible light
Friday 22nd January 2021
US scientists discover how to stabilise perovskite with pressure from a diamond anvil cell
Monday 18th January 2021
Highly sensitive GaN-based MEMS oscillator operates stably even at high temperatures
Monday 18th January 2021
University of Minnesota study opens up possibilities for new transparent materials that conduct electricity
Friday 15th January 2021
Wrapping modulation-doped Ga2O3 FETs in highly conductive materials addresses concerns related to thermal management and carrier transport
Thursday 14th January 2021
Researchers at Linköping University, Sweden, have developed efficient blue LEDs based on halide perovskite
Tuesday 12th January 2021
Algorithms that modulate individual LEDs in a unique way can act like a fingerprint to facilitate 3D reconstruction
Monday 11th January 2021
Low-temperature treatment with supercritical CO2 improves the interface between SiC and SiO2
Wednesday 6th January 2021
A new study led by scientists from Incheon National University in Korea shows how to make a fully transparent solar cell
Tuesday 5th January 2021
Fleeting disruptions may help explain why lead hybrid perovskites are exceptionally good at turning sunlight into electrical current in solar cells
Tuesday 22nd December 2020
KAUST team uses InGaN to build phosphor-free monolithic white-light LEDs
Wednesday 16th December 2020
Research papers at IEDM 2020 show how the institute is overcoming challenges in the architecture and performance of GaN devices embedding a MOS gate
Friday 11th December 2020
University at Buffalo researchers report 2D transistor that can switch fast while consuming low amounts of energy
Thursday 10th December 2020
Imec prototypes high-resolution image sensor with record small pixel pitch of 1.82 µm
Thursday 10th December 2020
MIT researchers think InGaAs could hold the potential for smaller and more energy efficient nanoscale transistors
Wednesday 9th December 2020
Rapid-spray plasma processing approach could advance the commercialisation of perovskite solar modules
Wednesday 9th December 2020
Oregon researchers use ultrathin layers of perovskite which change from strong electrical insulators to strong conductors when placed in light
Tuesday 8th December 2020
Tohoku University team measures internal quantum efficiency (IQE) in both the light-emitting process and non-light-emitting process
Tuesday 8th December 2020
Wuhan team shows how a patterned sapphire with silica array (PSSA) substrate decreased the misfit in the coalescence boundary of GaN grown on the sidewall regions and c-plane region of the substrate
Tuesday 1st December 2020
Japanese researchers show how thin films of a GaAs-based ferromagnetic semiconductor could be used to make non-volatile, low power memories
Monday 30th November 2020
Glasgow team develop first energy-generating e-skin prototype capable of offering touch feedback without using dedicated touch sensors
Tuesday 24th November 2020
New approach could lead to compact measuring instruments that use special laser beams to search for molecules in a gas sample
Monday 23rd November 2020
Japanese scientists find way to control interactions between quantum dots that could lead to more efficient solar cells