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Friday 24th July 2015
Keck Foundation grant will fund development of semiconductor 'ratchet' to upconvert photons
Wednesday 22nd July 2015
ORNL researchers make scalable arrays of semiconductor heterojunctions for ultrathin electronics 
Monday 20th July 2015
Eindhoven researchers increase hydrogen yield by a factor of ten
Friday 17th July 2015
US team finds 'hot spots’ of enhanced electrical fields emerge at specific frequencies
Thursday 16th July 2015
Rice University scientists find 3D BN will excel at thermal management for electronics
Thursday 16th July 2015
Polish and Chinese researchers develop innovative photocatalytic material 
Thursday 16th July 2015
Narrower, longer emission results from growth on m-plane substrates with a second miscut
Wednesday 15th July 2015
University of Toronto researchers combine materials to create new light-emitting crystal
Thursday 9th July 2015
Layered black arsenic phosphorus is potential alternative to silicon transistors
Monday 6th July 2015
Cost-effective nanopillar array anti-reflection films for solar cells
Friday 3rd July 2015
Modulation algorithm increases data throughput without additional energy
Friday 3rd July 2015
Swiss scientists develop new method for direct solar-to-hydrogen conversion
Thursday 2nd July 2015
New instrument is small enough to function within a smartphone
Friday 26th June 2015
Biosynthesis offers potential for low-cost, environmentally-friendly manufacture of quantum dot nanocrystals
Friday 26th June 2015
Technique suggests potential for solar cells to absorb more energy from the sun
Thursday 25th June 2015
Spintronics advance brings wafer-scale quantum devices closer to reality
Thursday 25th June 2015
X-ray technique shows clear details of individual GaN/InGaN nanowires
Monday 22nd June 2015
Ambient pressure CVD process can grow films on a variety of different substrates including plastic
Friday 19th June 2015
First certified efficiency of 15 percent in perovskite solar cells with area over 1cm2
Friday 12th June 2015
Direct modulation of 450nm laser diode sets record for free space visible light communication
Monday 8th June 2015
NPL study sheds new light on electronic properties of quasi-free standing graphene
Friday 5th June 2015
Quantum dot and silicon-based laser could exploit near infra red bands
Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Development promises thinner solar cells with longer lifetimes 
Wednesday 3rd June 2015
GaN and InGaN on silicon backplane targets market for smart glasses and head up displays