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Monday 30th April 2018
US research team demonstrates laser with record-high output power using hybrid second- and fourth-order Bragg grating
Monday 30th April 2018
Photo-electrode made from novel compound semiconductor could be a new way to split water for environmentally-friendly fuels, say researchers
Wednesday 25th April 2018
Ga2O3 shows promise for high-frequency communication systems and energy-efficient power electronics
Tuesday 24th April 2018
Spontaneous folding of ultrathin CdTe sheets produces perfect nano-sized scrolls
Friday 20th April 2018
LMU team show how resonance enhances energy exchange leading to increased generation of charge carriers - and better efficiency
Friday 20th April 2018
Penn State study shows that defects can enhance a material's physical, electrochemical, magnetic, energy and catalytic properties
Thursday 19th April 2018
MOCVD reactor can efficiently operate at extremely high temperatures to create high-quality BN and AlN materials and devices
Thursday 19th April 2018
Ultrafast TFTs made from InGaZnO could be used to make more flexible electronic circuits, say researchers
Wednesday 18th April 2018
NIST team uses nanoscale SiO2 coating to increase solar absorption by 20 percent
Friday 13th April 2018
KAUST researchers develop self-powered photodetector by coupling silicone-based polymers with an organometallic halide perovskite
Wednesday 11th April 2018
NREL scientists examine the best way to move perovskite solar cell research innovations beyond the laboratory
Tuesday 10th April 2018
Cheaper, less toxic and recyclable light absorbers could show the way forward for hydrogen production using solar energy
Friday 6th April 2018
Rice, Los Alamos discovery shows that constant illumination relaxes strain in perovskite's crystal lattice and cures defects
Friday 6th April 2018
Long electron-hole diffusion length in high-quality lead-free double perovskite films shows promise for solar cells
Wednesday 4th April 2018
Vertical unipolar GaN power rectifier has figure of merit of 825 MW/cm2 and 8-order ON/OFF current ratio at −600V,
Wednesday 4th April 2018
Fraunhofer ISE and EV Group develop highly efficient solar cell by combining GaInP, GaAs and silicon
Tuesday 3rd April 2018
Hybrid silicon/quantum dot lasers could save up to 75 percent of the energy consumed by InP based photonic chips, say UCSB researchers
Thursday 29th March 2018
Researchers at NIST and Sharp Labs think sheet-like optically active CdTe materials could help create more energy efficient screens
Wednesday 28th March 2018
US researchers discover that nanometer-thick SnSe in thin films of connected 'nanoflakes' shows promise for thermoelectric energy conversion
Wednesday 28th March 2018
Researchers believe an allotrope of carbon could replace GaN in applications for high-power and/or high-frequency devices with large breakdown voltages
Tuesday 27th March 2018
Transient electroluminescence in TMDCs opens up the possibility of 'invisible' displays
Friday 23rd March 2018
UC Santa Barbara engineers win grant to design smaller, lighter, cheaper and more energy-efficient Lidar for gas monitoring
Friday 23rd March 2018
Scientists combine graphene and hexagonal boron nitride to make strongly tunable quantum systems
Wednesday 21st March 2018
Process shows promise for cheaper fabrication and increased performance in devices from photonics to telecommunications