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Thursday 6th May 2021
WHU team shows improved optoelectronic properties and crystal qualities by introducing an optimised quantum well structure
Tuesday 4th May 2021
VCSELs with dielectric and GaN-based mirrors break efficiency records
Friday 30th April 2021
UC Santa Barbara researchers identify the defect that limits solar-cell performance
Wednesday 28th April 2021
Perovskite and carbon-nanotube-based material demonstrates persistent photoconductivity when illumunated by a laser
Tuesday 27th April 2021
Osaka University team reports nondestructive method for identifying threading dislocations in GaN substrates
Monday 26th April 2021
Studies expand understanding of the physics of 2D van der Waals materials
Thursday 22nd April 2021
Stacking films at a twist angle allows a new way to control light emitting from materials
Wednesday 21st April 2021
Study of charge buildup and dynamics in RTDs could lead to more efficient optoelectronics
Wednesday 21st April 2021
Scientists at TU Wien have produced a special perovskite suited to converting CO2 into other useful substances
Thursday 15th April 2021
Arrays of miniaturised deep-UV LEDs deliver record brightness
Monday 12th April 2021
Researchers find that compositional fluctuations are potentially linked to drop in efficiency of higher indium content LEDs
Thursday 8th April 2021
Opto-spintronic nanostructure made from compound semiconductor QDs achieves spin polarisation greater than 90 percent
Tuesday 6th April 2021
Ultrathin beta-tellurite provides a high mobility p-type semiconductor for making fast, transparent circuits
Tuesday 6th April 2021
Native, treated substrates enable GaN HEMTs to surpass 80 percent power-added efficiency
Wednesday 31st March 2021
Illuminating ultra-thin layers of InAs with two different types of laser light, produces short bursts of terahertz radiation
Monday 29th March 2021
TU Dresden researchers identify fundamental processes that occur during the perovskite film formation strongly influence reproducibility
Friday 26th March 2021
Los Alamos team show how atomically defined interlayer embedded into a quantum dot emits single photons at room temperature
Friday 26th March 2021
DOE/SLAC resarchers uncover a process that reduces dots' light-producing efficiency
Friday 26th March 2021
EPFL team's design can support high electric fields, and voltages of over 1,000V without breaking down
Wednesday 24th March 2021
Ca3SiO shows promise for infrared LED and infrared detector components
Tuesday 23rd March 2021
Linköping University team shows how nanoporous 3C-SiC can efficiently trap and harvest ultraviolet and most of the visible sunlight
Friday 19th March 2021
US team show how sulfolane-additive process yields easy fabrication, low cost, top performance, long operating life
Thursday 18th March 2021
Porosification of InGaN provides a foundation for brighter red microLEDs
Monday 15th March 2021
Scientists develop new model to determine photoluminescence quantum efficiency