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Tuesday 25th February 2014
Gradual variation in quantum well composition promises to slash Auger rates in AlN/GaN LEDs
Thursday 20th February 2014
Growing III-nitride based quantum wells could enhance solid state lighting, low threshold lasers and high power LEDs
Wednesday 19th February 2014
The chips are based on III-V technology and include layers of GaAs
Wednesday 19th February 2014
The silicon-germanium technology could be used in cold-temperature applications such as in outer space, where temperatures can be extremely low
Tuesday 18th February 2014
Novel tunnel FET targets low power and radio frequency applications
Wednesday 12th February 2014
Researchers have examined the electron and nuclear spin order in gallium arsenide nanowires at temperatures of 0.1 kelvin
Friday 7th February 2014
Ballistic transport in graphene could result in a new class of room temperature coherent electronic devices which would be very different from what we make today in silicon
Wednesday 5th February 2014
A new technology enables the capture of high-energy photons more efficiently in CIS solar cells
Tuesday 4th February 2014
By emitting photons from an indium gallium nitride quantum dot at the top of a GaN micropyramid, researchers have created a polarised light source. The device can be used in applications such as energy-saving computer screens and wiretap-proof communications
Monday 27th January 2014
An artificial metamaterial can increase the light density and blink speed of a flourescent light-emitting dye molecule
Friday 24th January 2014
TEM is very useful for observing dislocations and measuring layer thicknesses in semiconductors
Wednesday 22nd January 2014
A new technique is said to be the only one capable of exploring materials in the range of one picometre
Tuesday 21st January 2014
A THz emitter just 40 nm thick can perform as well as much thicker traditional emitters
Tuesday 7th January 2014
The versatility of new technique for materials shows promise as a new benchmark in exfoliation chemistry of two-dimensional chalcogenides
Monday 23rd December 2013
A high-performance gate dielectric can be formed with a stack of interleaving La2O3 and HfO2 layers that are subsequently annealed at 500 °C.
Wednesday 18th December 2013
A single-particle study identifies a possible path to improved conversion of sunlight to electricity in photovoltaic devices and LEDs
Friday 13th December 2013
Researchers have demonstrated an InGaAs/GaAsSb broken-gap tunnel field effect transistor where the energy barrier was close to zero
Thursday 12th December 2013
Researchers at Northeastern University have grown GaN nanowires which represent a breakthrough in processing them for these novel uses
Wednesday 11th December 2013
Solar cells made with low-cost, nontoxic copper-based quantum dots can achieve unprecedented longevity and efficiency
Friday 6th December 2013
III-V nanowires could potentially be used in multiple applications if several problems are overcome. These applications include silicon-on-chip optical interconnects, optical transistors, integrated optoelectronics for telecoms, laser arrays and bbiological and environmental sensing
Friday 22nd November 2013
Growing graphene on top of silicon carbide enables 3D conduction which will be necessary for the creation of more complicated nano-devices
Wednesday 20th November 2013
Blue superluminescent diodes deliver 200 mW of power
Monday 18th November 2013
Lasers made from gallium arsenide nanowires will lead to much faster and lighter computers because light travels faster than electrons, allowing much faster data processing
Friday 15th November 2013
Density functional theory indicates that the rigidity of the crystalline host structure is a key factor in the efficiency of phosphors used to create white LEDs. Currently, the best phosphors possess a highly rigid structure