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Monday 15th January 2018
Emission efficiency of optimised cubic GaN is measured to be ~29 percent
Friday 12th January 2018
Breakthrough material can be used to enhance performance of thin-film transistors in a range of displays including MicroLEDs
Thursday 11th January 2018
Yale researchers integrate oxide 2D electron gases with GaAs to pave the way toward new devices that interact with light
Thursday 11th January 2018
Solar windows generate electricity with greater efficiency and create shading and insulation too
Monday 8th January 2018
Diluted KOH shown to be an environmentally friendly surface passivation solution for making more efficeint AlGaN nanowire-based devices
Friday 5th January 2018
EPFL study shows that factors such as day-night cycles can distort perovskite ageing experiment results
Friday 5th January 2018
Inherent efficiency limitations of 2D hexagonal boron nitride can be overcome through careful engineering, say NRL physicists
Wednesday 13th December 2017
integrated InP nanobeam and silicon waveguide technology opens up possibility to control and route nonclassical light from on-demand single photon sources
Wednesday 13th December 2017
By recreating the structure of graphene in GaAs, Columbia team think they can advance optoelectronics and data processing
Friday 8th December 2017
High voltage vertical transistor design could drastically reduce energy waste
Thursday 7th December 2017
Bonding single-crystal diamond to a SiC substrate at room temperature dissipates power in GaN HEMTs to increase radar range
Wednesday 6th December 2017
Quantum waltz of electrons hints at the next generation of chips
Wednesday 6th December 2017
Air Force Research Laboratory researchers use boron nitride to transfer GaN circuits to flexible substrates
Tuesday 5th December 2017
Researchers have made a fully transparent thin-film transistor consisting of a MoS2 monolayer; HfO2, which is used for coating; and aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) contacts
Monday 4th December 2017
Imec's Ga-doped Ge-rich source/drain contacts are promising for suppressing parasitic source/drain resistance in advanced pMOS devices
Thursday 30th November 2017
Researchers show how the interface polarisation of III-nitride heterojunctions can be engineered by employing BAlN and BGaN alloys
Thursday 30th November 2017
US team develops new class of cybersecurity primitives around the structural randomness of 2D semiconductor MoS2
Wednesday 29th November 2017
Perovskite-based device dynamically responds to sunlight by transforming from transparent to tinted while converting sunlight into electricity
Thursday 23rd November 2017
Michigan team use predictive modelling to show that adding boron to InGaN can keep electrons from becoming too crowded
Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Penn State and Princeton team report the first continuous-wave lasing in an organic-inorganic lead halide perovskite semiconductor
Tuesday 21st November 2017
LANL team takes critical step towards solution-processed laser diodes
Monday 20th November 2017
By removing p-doping and using quantum-mechanical tunelling, US team boosts lumens per watt in GaN-based LEDs
Wednesday 15th November 2017
New technology coul enable compact devices for telecommunications and security camera applications at even higher frequencies
Monday 13th November 2017
International team use graphene and transition metal dichalcogenide composite to achieve fine control over spin