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Monday 14th January 2008
The Australian manufacturer of integrated optical chips has bought its US partner to own the complete light-source solution for laser TV.
Monday 14th January 2008
The GaAs chip company loses a quarter of its stock market valuation in a single day after weak demand for GSM handsets forces it to revise its revenue forecast downwards.
Friday 11th January 2008
The CEO of the compound semiconductor materials company Technologies and Devices International has died.
Friday 11th January 2008
When it comes to GaAs demand, the 802.11n standard can be to wireless networking what 3G has been to mobile phones, says Triquint’s CEO.
Thursday 10th January 2008
The III-V company formerly known as Bandwidth Semiconductor seems set to cash in on the long-standing photovoltaic cachet of the Spire name.
Wednesday 9th January 2008
Non-polar GaN substrates and low-defect crystal growth will have an important part to play in powerful, practical green laser diodes.
Tuesday 8th January 2008
A new law will help the US Department of Energy improve understanding across the solid-state lighting industry, which could bring benefits far beyond the $20M competition that will be the first outcome.
Monday 7th January 2008
Although the display panel maker expects to increase its use of LED backlights, it denies rumors that it plans to buy one hundred MOCVD reactors.
Friday 4th January 2008
Military applications promise a bright future for GaN and SiC within radio frequency power semiconductors, according to ABI Research's Lance Wilson.
Wednesday 2nd January 2008
With an exclusive license from Northrop Grumman and $10M backing from investors that include the telecoms companies it hopes to sell to, E-Band is feeling confident about its broadband wireless technology.
Friday 21st December 2007
The uncertainty over the future of Filtronic's GaAs PHEMT wafer facility in Newton Aycliffe looks to be over, as RF Micro Devices moves to acquire the fab in a £12.5 million deal.
Wednesday 19th December 2007
Emcore picks up Intel's tunable laser business for $85 million to plug a gap in its portfolio, and position it as a significant player in optical components.
Monday 17th December 2007
A handful of research teams are closing in on terahertz transistor speeds, with a variety of InP-based devices.
Monday 17th December 2007
After recording a big loss in 2007, an analyst sees profitability for Emcore at the end of 2008 while extra solar business from South Korea adds weight to his prediction.
Thursday 13th December 2007
The world-leading silicon chip maker eyes the potential of III-V materials to cut transistor power consumption.
Thursday 13th December 2007
The Semiconductor Research Corporation sets Glasgow University the challenge of finding the best material for p-channel CMOS MOSFETs, for feature sizes down to 8 nm.
Wednesday 12th December 2007
Streamlining LED production processes to just an epitaxial step cuts manufacturing costs, improves extraction efficiency and aids thermal management, says Goldeneye.
Wednesday 12th December 2007
A Durham University spin-out is integrating its vapor phase crystal growth and imaging technologies, to carve itself a chunk of the billion-dollar X-ray explosive detector market.
Tuesday 11th December 2007
Stephen Pearton picks up the 2007 J J Ebers Award from the Electron Devices Society.
Monday 10th December 2007
The multi-junction solar company says it's bringing its latest and best cells to market next year, and hopes to see its technology in some further major deployments in the meantime.
Thursday 6th December 2007
A few short months after acquiring Optical Communication Products, Oplink shuts down its InP wafer fab, ditches its UK research team, and slashes its workforce in California.
Thursday 6th December 2007
Six years on from the telecom meltdown of 2001, there are still twice as many III-V fabs than are needed to meet the current demand for lasers and photodetectors, claims Finisar CEO Jerry Rawls.
Thursday 6th December 2007
NASA is passing on knowledge accumulated in its 30 years of experience developing SiC technology, which MEMS specialist Endevco will bring to market.
Thursday 6th December 2007
The Japanese conglomerate's consolidation is to cut its seven electronics businesses to only three, in a bid to cut its losses in this sector.