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Industry News

Tuesday 21st March 2017
Only a few square millimetres, imec's 896Gb/s silicon photonics spatial-division multiplexing transceiver is aimed at future Tb/s optical links to combine newly developed 50GHz active optical components with a multi-core fibre.
Tuesday 21st March 2017
Source Photonics, a provider of optical transceivers for data centre and broadband access connectivity announces the first demonstration of a fully integrated 400GBASE-FR8 OSFP module
Tuesday 21st March 2017
Oclaro, a provider of optical communications solutions, has been selected by Ciena as a long-term partner in the development of 400G coherent networks.
Tuesday 21st March 2017
Oclaro announces sampling of its 400G CFP8 transceiver for core routers/transport applications.
Tuesday 21st March 2017
Mellanox Technologies introduces new line of 100 Gb/s silicon photonics components to serve growing demand of hyperscale Web 2.0 and cloud optical interconnects
Tuesday 21st March 2017
200 Gb/s DR4 and VCSEL-based SR4 transceivers target next generation cloud and web 2.0 hyperscale data centres
Tuesday 21st March 2017
Gains process modeling firm Coventor becomes new member of Rochester-based consortium AIM Photonics.
Tuesday 21st March 2017
Molex spotlighting integrated high-speed, high-density connectivity solutions at OFC between 19-23 March 2017 at LA Convention Center
Tuesday 21st March 2017
The European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) and the Israel Association of Electronics & Software Industries (IAESI) have signed a memorandum of understanding to advance mutually advantageous activities in the field of photonics.
Tuesday 21st March 2017
Luxtera announces partnership with TSMC for next generation silicon photonics manufacturing.
Tuesday 21st March 2017
Next-generation data centre technology provider Rockley Photonics has received a Global Technology Innovation Award from analyst firm Frost & Sullivan for its R&D in networking infrastructure technology.
Monday 20th March 2017
Presentation highlights PhoeniX Software PDK for Hybrid SOI & III-V Integration
Thursday 16th March 2017
Swedish EV start-up partners with engineering giant to support automated manufacturing
Thursday 16th March 2017
Multimode optical specification defines 40 and 100 Gb/s transceivers for enterprise and cloud datacentre applications
Tuesday 14th March 2017
Virtualizer development kit for Silicon mobility OLEA solutions enables early software development and quality improvement for automotive tier 1 and OEMs
Tuesday 14th March 2017
Cambridge team harnesses solar power to produce sustainable fuel
Monday 13th March 2017
Enables machine learning from the edge to the cloud
Friday 10th March 2017
Perovskite PV technology demonstrated on industrially-applicable roll-to-roll processes
Friday 3rd March 2017
InP, GaN and SiGe devices will be the drivers for growth, says Strategy Analytics
Thursday 2nd March 2017
EU consortium to develop innovative GaN processes and packaging
Friday 24th February 2017
Surveillance, consumer electronics, and automotive are top three revenue generators, says Technavio
Wednesday 25th January 2017
Autonomous driving functions, including obstacle detection and simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM), will drive adoption, says ABI
Tuesday 24th January 2017
Joint ventures on R&D and equipment aim to drive development of largest CIGS production line in China
Monday 23rd January 2017
BAlN films can now combine a boron composition of up to 14.4 percent with a thickness of 100 nm, increasing their promise for use in deep UV devices