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Thursday 8th January 2009
The solar cell and optical communications component manufacturer outlines the steps it is taking to ensure its ongoing fiscal security.
Tuesday 6th January 2009
Devices based on 'wonder material' could soon catch up with silicon
Tuesday 6th January 2009
Having gained a patent license from Veeco, the niche equipment maker is confident the two firms will not clash in the marketplace over the technology.
Tuesday 6th January 2009
Continued firm RF orders, plus gaining Philips Lumileds as a customer, keeps the substrate manufacturer positive despite poor sales.
Monday 5th January 2009
Thanks to reduced current crowding, a large-area VJFET made by US researchers operates with low loss and blocks 2055 V.
Monday 22nd December 2008
Military deployments will contribute more than early penetration into 4G wireless infrastructure, says market analyst Strategy Analytics.
Monday 22nd December 2008
Hetero-facet-controlled epitaxial layer overgrowth has extended the emission of Hamamatsu's UV lasers to 336 nm.
Friday 19th December 2008
MBE-grown monolithic LEDs with optically pumped layers promise a straightforward way to eliminate phosphors.
Thursday 18th December 2008
Intel and QinetiQ unveil an InSb quantum well FET with a record-breaking cut-off frequency, overcoming a major hurdle on the way to all-compound semiconductor CMOS.
Wednesday 17th December 2008
The cellphone PA maker is temporarily reducing output to cut costs in response to the most rapid slowdown that its founder, Jerry Neal, has ever seen.
Tuesday 16th December 2008
At IEDM, the research lab demonstrates that CMOS performance does not have to be compromised by heterogeneous bonding to InP DHBT wafers.
Tuesday 16th December 2008
The Portland, Oregon, based RF semiconductor company will imminently start addressing strong demand for its HV-HBT cellular base station amplifiers.
Monday 15th December 2008
With backers already interested, Aurora UV is looking for an experienced LED industry partner to fund commercialization of its quality HVPE-grown substrates for making UV LEDs.
Friday 12th December 2008
As it records a large negative gross profit margin in its solar business and order cancellations in fiber-optics, the company still has high hopes for CPV.
Thursday 11th December 2008
Industry body SEMI calls for investment to improve semiconductor industry competitiveness in Europe, and a focus on specialist sectors.
Wednesday 10th December 2008
With customers delaying delivery schedules for already-placed orders and a $230 million debt due to be paid in 2010, RFMD cuts jobs to reduce expenses.
Wednesday 10th December 2008
Intel is claiming another first for silicon photonics, with an avalanche photodiode that outperforms equivalent devices.
Monday 8th December 2008
Removing the sapphire substrate, changing contact layout and using niobium oxide reflectors enables room temperature operation.
Monday 8th December 2008
Power amplifier makers had been hoping for seasonally typical cellphone sales, but this now appears over-optimistic.
Friday 5th December 2008
Oxford Instruments sees significant etch system deployments through 2009, a shift to 6-inch substrates, and the initial deliveries of its hydride VPE deposition equipment.
Thursday 4th December 2008
The French firm is taking on JDSU and Bookham with its 980 nm GaAs-based terrestrial pumps, and is confident they will contribute to 20 percent revenue growth in 2009.
Wednesday 3rd December 2008
The chip maker says that blue-emitting GaN die can be converted to broad wavelength white emitters by material deposited in etched trenches.
Tuesday 2nd December 2008
As semiconductor industry forecasters talk of a "bloody" 2009 before the start of a recovery phase, the outlook for the GaAs niche remains solid.
Monday 1st December 2008
Two US companies are helping their customers tackle the tricky issue of programming transceivers in the "self-healing" 802.15.4 networks.