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Industry News

Tuesday 8th April 2008
II-VI's decision to sell eV Products emerges from a background of tough competition from incumbent technologies for its X-ray and gamma-ray sensors.
Monday 7th April 2008
Emcore and Spectrolab are joining SolFocus and others in the CPV Consortium, with the aim of increasing the small fraction of the solar power market its members currently claim.
Friday 4th April 2008
Emcore and Spectrolab are planning to manufacture cells on larger germanium wafers to help meet the anticipated growth of GaAs-based solar power generation.
Wednesday 2nd April 2008
Analysts at the Prometheus Institute predict a big future for concentrating solar power, and that as much as 6 GW of concentrator photovoltaics could have been installed by the end of the next decade.
Tuesday 1st April 2008
In early-stage research, a US team demonstrates electroluminescence from a novel II-VI-on-InP system, suggesting that a new type of laser based on the unusual combination of materials might be possible.
Monday 31st March 2008
The stalwart Skyworks supplier is looking to gain profitability by combining its recently expanded MOCVD set-up and its historical growth expertise.
Thursday 27th March 2008
Cable network upgrades will increase chip demand over the next five years, but sales could dwindle once every network provider is HD-ready.
Wednesday 26th March 2008
A complaint made to the US International Trade Commission on the basis of two broad-ranging patents covering doping processes targets imports of blue-violet lasers and LEDs.
Tuesday 25th March 2008
Despite trebling in value between now and 2012, sales of wide-bandgap electronic devices will remain dwarfed by the GaN LED and laser diode markets, says the latest report from Strategies Unlimited.
Tuesday 25th March 2008
The research focus on high-performance LEDs will now shift towards more warm-white LED and high-efficacy luminaire development, says a US Department of Energy report.
Wednesday 19th March 2008
Asian researchers demonstrate an InGaAs/InAs-channel device with improved RF performance, in a logic-focused collaboration with Intel.
Wednesday 19th March 2008
Japan-based QD Laser has firm orders for its MBE-grown quantum-dot Fabry-Perot lasers, and by the end of this year it should become the first company to make such devices on a volume production scale.
Tuesday 18th March 2008
A focus on wireless applications cut the epiwafer foundry’s losses in 2007, and its business model is continuing to evolve to better fit this sector.
Monday 17th March 2008
Luminus Devices looks beyond televisions and display applications as investors sink more than $72 million into the advanced LED manufacturer.
Monday 17th March 2008
Skyworks is well positioned to make it into the first big roll-outs of femtocells, which ABI Research predicts will be generating $4.5 billion in sales annually by 2012.
Friday 14th March 2008
Matsushita Electric Works says liquid phase epitaxy can make non-polar GaN more quickly and economically than existing production methods.
Thursday 13th March 2008
Luminus Devices and Osram Opto look set to benefit from the market for tiny projectors, but numerous formats mean opportunities abound for laser diode and LED manfacturers.
Thursday 13th March 2008
The German epitaxy equipment maker is making the most of the momentum in the Asian LED industry, recording a vintage year in 2007 as it predicts an order slowdown for 2009.
Monday 10th March 2008
Alcatel-Lucent showed off three tiny InP chips that could boost data transmission rates at OFC 2008.
Monday 10th March 2008
Fabless GaAs design company WJ Communications is set to come under the wing of wafer manufacturing giant TriQuint Semiconductor.
Wednesday 5th March 2008
It's like father, like son, as a second-generation optoelectronics researcher wins an early career award for developing LEDs that could boost LCD backlight efficiency.
Wednesday 5th March 2008
The GaAs chip maker says its $25 million acquisition of Filtronic Compound Semiconductors will delay the need for a $200 million capital investment.
Tuesday 4th March 2008
A deluge of tunable laser releases at last week’s OFC will drive down selling prices, but 100 Gbit/s communications promise another round of innovation.
Monday 3rd March 2008
Analyst firm Yole Développement sees strong GaN, sapphire and GaAs substrate revenues through 2012, as compound semiconductors beat silicon in growth of total wafer areas processed.