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Industry News

Friday 24th April 2015
Nobel Prize winner receives further award for breakthrough work on InGaN LED
Tuesday 21st April 2015
Acceptable compromise or ecologically compromised?
Friday 17th April 2015
New York Power consortium has potential to capture 10 percent of SiC market
Wednesday 1st April 2015
LED business one of only two top ten suppliers growing at over 20 percent
Tuesday 31st March 2015
IHS forecasts 28 percent increase in LED excess supply
Monday 30th March 2015
InP PICs may be more cost effective than silicon photonics circuits
Wednesday 25th March 2015
Industry leaders to share their perspectives on challenges and opportunities in the LED industry
Wednesday 25th March 2015
£17.3 million award that will put Cardiff University at the cutting edge of semiconductor technology 
Monday 23rd March 2015
Growing the top part of the laser by MBE prevents degradation to the active region
Monday 23rd March 2015
Crystal IS UVC LEDs offers design freedom over mercury-based lamps
Wednesday 18th March 2015
GaAs nanowire array reaches 15.3 percent conversion efficiency
Friday 13th March 2015
Leading analysts highlight opportunities to increase compound semiconductor chip sales
Wednesday 11th March 2015
New Product Innovation Leadership award for innovation in RF power amplification and telecoms
Monday 9th March 2015
More than 30 leaders in the compound semiconductor industry to present during the two day meeting
Thursday 5th March 2015
Growing perovskite film in ambient air results in larger grain sizes
Thursday 5th March 2015
IHS predicts a future in which lights are only replaced when a building is renovated
Friday 27th February 2015
Aachen campus to become home to new collaboration between science and industry
Tuesday 17th February 2015
The January/February 2015 digital issue published on a brand new platform
Thursday 12th February 2015
Declining LED prices coupled with government initiatives to drive LED lighting market in India, says TechSci Research
Tuesday 10th February 2015
GaAs solar cells with plastic lenses and microtracking promise efficient solar focusing for an eight hour day
Friday 6th February 2015
Newly formed company reports significant increase in sales
Friday 6th February 2015
 First Solar now ahead of its established research cell roadmap
Friday 6th February 2015
Recent entry of giants from the visible LED industry is likely to accelerate maturation of the UV LED industry
Thursday 5th February 2015
EPC9106 Class-D audio amplifier reference design, using high frequency switching gallium nitride power transistors, demonstrates efficiency enhancement, size reduction and eliminates need for a heat sink while delivering prosumer quality sound.