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Thursday 26th February 2009
Fool's gold looks a bargain after US researchers point out that it is far cheaper, and can generate more power overall, than today's most successful photovoltaic materials.
Wednesday 25th February 2009
Thanks to a new epilayer structure, so-called "carrier multiplication devices" offer much higher gains than avalanche photodiodes, reducing the overall cost of optical systems.
Wednesday 25th February 2009
The fiber-laser maker's diodes are shooting down both the competition and, thanks to a Boeing demonstration, unmanned aircraft.
Tuesday 24th February 2009
Devices grown on non-polar substrates elevate performance, but with help from a self-heating effect that would not be suitable for commercial products.
Monday 23rd February 2009
The fabless MMIC specialist is faring better than most in the unfolding recession, and will be further boosted by a major order relating to hardware for an advanced weapons system.
Friday 20th February 2009
LEDs feature a pair of active layers to provide better electrical efficiency than existing emitters.
Thursday 19th February 2009
LTE prototypes and initial 4G deployments in Japan and the US raise the PA maker's hopes for accelerating demand.
Wednesday 18th February 2009
As Infineon launches new Schottky diodes, and Cree nears commercialization of SiC power switches, Reedholm Instruments has found an opportune time to introduce the first wafer-level probe suited to testing these power semiconductors.
Tuesday 17th February 2009
Having already integrated the emerging LED-powered video display technology into a handset, Texas Instruments will now make it even smaller and brighter.
Tuesday 17th February 2009
The RF chip manufacturer says highly integrated switches give it a big advantage in a wide range of products launched for LTE and WCDMA standards in handsets.
Monday 16th February 2009
Friday 13th February 2009
Using III-V cell bonding expertise gained in the space solar industry, CHAD Industries is set to increase concentrating photovoltaic manufacturing throughput.
Thursday 12th February 2009
Better wafer quality will drive large scale sales of solid-state light sources into air and water disinfection from 2010 onwards, says market analyst Yole Developpement
Thursday 12th February 2009
The TriQuint CEO says that now is time to invest – and not just in cost-cutting, but also in future business opportunities.
Wednesday 11th February 2009
Innovative carbon monolayer production method avoids high-vacuum annealing and opens the subject up to a wider range of researchers.
Tuesday 10th February 2009
Epitaxy equipment vendor further outsources MOCVD systems manufacturing from New Jersey, and cuts total workforce by one quarter.
Tuesday 10th February 2009
Triple-junction cell sales are resisting the recession, but with its optical communications business continuing to shrink could a mystery investor be the company's salvation?
Friday 6th February 2009
Having taken over the SEMI-GAS product line from Matheson Tri-Gas last month, Applied Energy Systems is hopeful of expansion in the face of the global recession.
Friday 6th February 2009
Cost cutting and production ramps for energy management and smartphones help the radio-frequency chipmaker to profit.
Friday 6th February 2009
In our December issue we incorrectly reported that QPC Lasers had filed for bankruptcy. In fact, the Californian company remains a going concern, and is currently in negotiations with creditors and investors to secure its future.
Thursday 5th February 2009
Production is due to ramp through 2009 on record-efficiency devices addressing the 3G and 4G wireless infrastructure market.
Wednesday 4th February 2009
Fabless chipmaker says faster transmission speeds will bring optical technologies to the forefront in meeting the latest communications standards.
Tuesday 3rd February 2009
Models flesh out the extent of benefits from m-plane substrates for the solid-state illumination central to Ostendo's innovative imaging.
Monday 2nd February 2009
The Japanese company's latest lab results on show at the Photonics West event include an LED that pushes performance limits and a 3 W blue laser diode.