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Tuesday 22nd July 2008
Over the next five years strong growth in auto radar will compensate GaAs companies’ market share loss, but in the long term silicon firms like Infineon and Fujitsu will be the big winners.
Monday 21st July 2008
CIP's predictions of exponential growth in demand for data will require economical InP devices that perform many functions – paired with other materials for the best results.
Friday 18th July 2008
The high-concentration solar systems company will need hundreds of thousands of III-V solar cells to fulfil its ambitious plans for delivering photovoltaic power.
Friday 18th July 2008
The PA maker comes close to doubling profits and predicts continued increases on the strength of its relationships with the top five cellphone manufacturers.
Thursday 17th July 2008
As well as a strong research theme aiming at understanding the “green gap”, PolarCoN is stating bold aims for non-polar substrates and green lasers
Wednesday 16th July 2008
Although market analysts are still recommending the GaAs companies as good buys, the stock market has responded badly to a suggested slowdown in the handset business.
Tuesday 15th July 2008
Complex calculations reveal that Auger recombination is not responsible for the decrease in LED efficacy at higher drive currents, in contrast to the findings of a Philips Lumileds team.
Tuesday 15th July 2008
Fraunhofer ISE's best photovoltaic cell designs yet look set to rapidly enter high-volume production at Azur Space.
Monday 14th July 2008
Cree says it's already working with the largely luminaire-level specifications; meanwhile, the US government squabbles over energy-efficiency programs that use the standards.
Friday 11th July 2008
Teaming with Matsushita Electric Works, the Japanese research institute has revolutionized InAlGaN LED design to make the highest output power device in the 280 nm region.
Thursday 10th July 2008
The equipment maker says its recent $15 million-plus deal with WIN Semiconductor reflects a need for more, higher-yielding, processing tools to serve chip makers focused on communications markets.
Thursday 10th July 2008
Delayed product ramp and shipment timing are to blame for a second-quarter shortfall, although the long-term picture remains healthy.
Thursday 10th July 2008
Switching to a polarization matched GaInN/AlGaInN active region combats droop and improves LED efficacy at high currents, according to researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Samsung Electro-Mechanics
Wednesday 9th July 2008
The 324 GHz single stage InP amplifier is an important landmark for SWIFT, the DARPA program hoping to develop advanced imaging systems.
Tuesday 8th July 2008
Lux Research says that when solar power costs reach grid parity, compound semiconductor systems will near 2 percent of the $70 billion overall market.
Monday 7th July 2008
Deeply entrenched silica lattices hold the key to producing photonic crystal LEDs that maintain electrical performance while improving light extraction, say South Korean scientists.
Friday 4th July 2008
If MOCVD process engineers want greater control over their vapor concentrations then they should consider our upgraded VaporStation, says Rohm and Haas.
Thursday 3rd July 2008
The 12-contact Unity probe combines RF signal, logic, power and ground in-line engineering tests for frequencies up to 20 GHz, and will soon scale to 24-contacts and 80 GHz.
Monday 30th June 2008
Device used excitons to switch beams of light
Friday 27th June 2008
The Belgian materials giant adds credence to the emerging market for terrestrial concentrator photovoltaics based on III-V materials, with a multi-million euro investment in a new germanium wafer facility in Oklahoma.
Friday 27th June 2008
Researchers in Korea believe that their tiny green laser ticks all the boxes for mobile projection applications.
Thursday 26th June 2008
Producing GaN HEMTs on its existing GaAs manufacturing lines means that the RF chipmaker will be shipping them in its latest cable TV modules this year.
Tuesday 24th June 2008
A superluminescent LED has for the first time been engineered to exhibit high output power as well as a broadband emission spectrum.
Tuesday 24th June 2008
The 2008 MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in Atlanta unveils thriving competition between who has the best GaN devices, and who has the best gadgets at their booth.