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Industry News

Wednesday 27th May 2009
New equity finance and restructured long-term debt will help the wafer and chip foundry meet growing optoelectronic demand.
Wednesday 27th May 2009
HRL Laboratories has claimed a leap forward in radio-frequency graphene transistors just days after describing the first such devices in IEEE Electron Device Letters.
Tuesday 26th May 2009
Metal pads on the surface of a photodielectric resin minimize sacrifice of quantum well layer for contact with n-type GaN.
Thursday 21st May 2009
A $510,000 grant could help nuclear submarines produce electrical energy from waste heat more efficiently.
Wednesday 20th May 2009
Following years of rapid technological progress, the US LED manufacturer is increasing its focus on customer needs.
Wednesday 20th May 2009
Six month capital injection will show where British facilities working on internet infrastructure are most likely to get access to European research cash.
Tuesday 19th May 2009
First principle calculations expose Auger recombination as the predominant cause of LED droop and the green gap, but offer few solutions.
Monday 18th May 2009
Tool from Imago Scientific Instruments will shed light on some of the enduring mysteries of InGaN emission.
Friday 15th May 2009
The troubled equipment vendor was supposed to file its latest quarterly financial report by May 11.
Wednesday 13th May 2009
Having breached some of its loan covenants, the III-V component maker is pondering debt or equity financing options while cutting costs.
Wednesday 13th May 2009
A laser scriber system vendor says diamond-tipped tools will become too expensive with increasing substrate sizes.
Tuesday 12th May 2009
Even as Luminus Devices strives to ramp manufacturing to satisfy the surprise popularity of its initial lighting-class LEDs, it has launched two more products in the range.
Monday 11th May 2009
Seoul Semiconductor, Samsung LED and LG Display are positioning themselves to take advantage of solid-state illumination, in line with government policies.
Thursday 7th May 2009
Consumer electronics manufacturers look set to fulfill much of their own demand for LEDs, but TV applications could deliver a market eight times the size of that for mobile phone backlights.
Wednesday 6th May 2009
Metamorphic structures are set to be used in concentrated photovoltaic systems produced with collaborator Sunovia, including in a 20 MW deployment.
Tuesday 5th May 2009
Plans to reform US patent law are once again set to be debated in Congress, but there is little consensus among semiconductor firms.
Tuesday 5th May 2009
Collaboration with Aixtron shows promise, but sapphire substrate prices must fall below $300 for volume production to become feasible.
Tuesday 5th May 2009
Partnerships with NREL on concentrated photovoltaics, and a variety of customers on high power RF are set to bring new business to the company's Greensboro fabs.
Friday 1st May 2009
Growth method holds promise for RF, optoelectronic and logic devices, large-scale manufacturing, and integration with silicon.
Thursday 30th April 2009
Colorado facility to close, as the communication component manufacturer seeks profitability.
Wednesday 29th April 2009
Rush orders allow the PA maker to beat its sales forecast and begin to restore the reputation of its manufacturing operations.
Tuesday 28th April 2009
LED system revenues drop dramatically, but increases in utilization and requests for quotes give cause for hope.
Tuesday 28th April 2009
Three divisions in the combined company will each exploit semiconductor laser technology from Bookham as it strives for profitability.
Tuesday 28th April 2009
Approximately one-tenth of the overall investment looks destined for LED research, with further subsidies to help manufacturers weather the "financial tsunami".