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Wednesday 1st July 2009
The aggressive moves that Oclaro is making to reshape the optoelectronic industry will lead to more sales of laser diode fabs, according to CEO Alain Couder.
Wednesday 1st July 2009
The UK government is investing £1 million ($1.55 million) in a series of optoelectronic feasibility studies that it says will lead to “pan-European ultra-fast broadband”.
Wednesday 1st July 2009
Germany-based concentrated photovoltaics (CPV) pioneer Concentrix Solar says that its plant in southern Spain is now consistently delivering the record power efficiency that it first achieved a year ago.
Wednesday 1st July 2009
Computing giant IBM has enlisted two additional European countries to support its hunt for a successor to today’s dominant silicon semiconductor technology.
Wednesday 1st July 2009
Emcore is considering raising finance through an equity sale, as the company struggles with tough market conditions and the costly development of its concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems.
Wednesday 1st July 2009
Diamond is not the best friend of manufacturers seeking to upgrade LED production from 2 to 4 inch diameter wafers, according to Electro Scientific Industries (ESI).
Wednesday 1st July 2009
Electronics manufacturer Foxconn is challenging established LED chip companies and their methods with two US patent applications that exploit nanoparticle dopants to improve performance.
Oclaro, The Company Formed In The Merger Between Bookham And Avanex, Has Made A Bid For The Industrial Laser Market With The Introduction Of Diode Bars Delivering A Power Output Of Up To 200 W At 1030 And 1070 Nm. Debuting At LASER World Of Photonics, The Company Claims That The New Products Offer The Highest CW Power Output Of Any Diode Bar Currently On The Market. "LASER 2009 Is An Important Event For Oclaro As We Launch Our New Brand, And Confirm Our Position As The Leader In Providing High-power Laser-diode Bars," Said Yves LeMaitre, Head Of Oclaro's Advanced Photonics Solutions Division. According To LeMaitre, The Availability Of Diode Bars Operating At Different Colours Enables Manufacturers To Exploit Wavelength Multiplexing To Scale The Power Output Of Their Direct-diode Systems, Which Would Make Them Directly Competitive With Fibre Lasers And CO2 Lasers For Materials Processing Applications. The 200 W Device Joins An Extended Portfolio Of Laser-diode Bars From Oclaro. Other New Products Include A 100 W Version Emitting At 808 Nm, And A New Series Of 150 W Diode Bars Operating At 9xx And 10xx Nm. "The Industry-leading 200 W Bars Are Aimed At High-end Direct-diode System Manufacturers, While The 150 W Bars Offer An Alternative For Customers Who Are Not Quite Ready To Handle Drive Currents In The 200 A Range," Said Christian Naumer, Senior Product Line Manager At Oclaro. "Our 808 Nm Products Are Targeting Defence-related Pumping And Directed-energy Applications, As Well As Solar-cell And Flat-panel-display Fabrication." The Renewed Focus On Industrial Applications Forms Part Of Oclaro's Strategy To Extend Its Merchant Diode Business Beyond Its Traditional Telecoms Arena. "In The Current Crisis, Companies Can't Afford To Maintain Their Own Fab," LeMaitre Told Optics.org. "We Aim To Grow Our Non-telecoms Business From 10-15% Up To 25%." That Strategy Will Be Further Reinforced By The Asset Swap Oclaro Is Now Planning With Newport Spectra-Physics, A Transaction Which Is Expected To Complete Within The Next Three Months. If The Deal Goes Ahead, Oclaro Will Acquire The Newport Spectra-Physics Line Of High-power Laser Diodes Used In Diode-pumped Solid-state And Fibre-laser Systems For Research, Medical And Industrial Applications. As Well As Opening Up New Application Areas, The Deal With Newport Spectra-Physics Will Enable Oclaro To Make More Efficient Use Of Its Chip Fabrication Facilities In Zuerich, Switzerland, And Caswell, UK. The Company Plans To Consolidate The Manufacturing Processes At The Newport Spectra-Physics Fab In Tucson, Arizona, Into Oclaro's Existing Facilities, Which Oclaro Expects Will Increase Wafer Volumes By 30% And So Improve The Gross Margin For Its Telecoms Products. According To LeMaitre, An Integral Part Of The Deal Is That Oclaro Will Guarantee The Supply Of Laser Diodes To Newport Spectra-Physics For Its $1.5 M Laser System Business. The Agreement Therefore Dictates That Oclaro Will Be Exclusive Supplier Of Laser Diodes To Newport Spectra-Physics For A Year, Followed By Three Years As The Primary Supplier. "¢ 3S Photonics Of Nozay, France, Is Another Diode Supplier Hoping To Make The Jump From Telecoms To Mainstream Laser Applications. At LASER 2009, The Company Was Showcasing A 1064 Nm Laser Diode Capable Of Delivering Up To 500 MW Of CW Power Through A Singlemode Fibre. According To 3S, The Module Offers 30% More Power Than Similar Devices On The Market, Which The Company Says Makes Them Ideal For Use In Fibre-laser Systems. This Article First Appeared On Our Sister Web Site, Optics.org.
Friday 26th June 2009
1A new line of diode bars is part of Oclaro's strategy to become the largest merchant supplier of high-power laser diodes.
Wednesday 24th June 2009
"MORGaN" team demonstrates first GaN growth on single-crystal diamond with a variety of surface orientations.
Thursday 18th June 2009
Korean vendor says it favors performance and reliability provided by SiC substrates over silicon for GaN wireless components.
Wednesday 17th June 2009
One-dimensonal devices and advanced virtual substrates for compound semiconductors look set to be studied in Poland and Bulgaria.
Tuesday 16th June 2009
Results confirm wonder material's potential for future nano-electronics and photonics
Monday 15th June 2009
Diodes with stable lasing at 638 nm meet the requirements of picoprojection systems.
Monday 15th June 2009
Progress to low power consumption devices may be hindered
Tuesday 9th June 2009
The proliferation of notebook PCs backlit with LEDs will deliver annual revenues of $800 million to chip makers next year.
Tuesday 9th June 2009
Concentrated photovoltaics site delivers a consistent output that is almost double the efficiency of conventional PV plants.
Friday 5th June 2009
The behemoth Taiwanese company seeks to protect its method for smoothing both InGaN and AlGaAs active layers.
Thursday 4th June 2009
Already able to beat vertically integrated companies on cost, Oclaro's purchase of Newport's Spectra Physics unit should further boost high-power laser diode manufacturing efficiency.
Wednesday 3rd June 2009
QPC Lasers, the Californian maker of highpower laser diodes, has emerged from nearbankruptcy to continue operating under new ownership.
Tuesday 2nd June 2009
Third phase of project with the US Army includes epitaxy specialist IQE-RF, and SiC substrate supplier II-VI.
Tuesday 2nd June 2009
Flexibly searching and presenting results speeds up semiconductor process research and transfer through to manufacturing.
Friday 29th May 2009
€1 million project will investigate the potential of antimonide quantum dots for use in charge-based data storage.
Thursday 28th May 2009
Commercial viability of green diodes beckons with devices that boast hundreds of hours lifetime produced on substrates already used to manufacture blue lasers.
Thursday 28th May 2009
GaAs company's share price soars as it sees rising demand during the current quarter.