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Monday 18th July 2005
Collaboration between researchers at Philips Semiconductors and Chalmers University of Technology produces high-mobility SiC MOSFETs that work at high temperatures.
Tuesday 12th July 2005
The photonics community of Tampere has formed a local cluster to link laser research and production by MBE in the region.
Tuesday 12th July 2005
Tegal plans to sell off large chunks of the company to raise $22.5 million, while RF Micro Devices revises its financial guidance upwards after receiving stronger-than-expected orders for its power amplifiers and transceiver chipsets.
Friday 8th July 2005
Optical chip and module manufacturer NeoPhotonics has completed its merger with the Chinese company Photon Technology Co.
Wednesday 6th July 2005
Boeing signs a multi-year procurement contract with Raytheon for a radar system that is based on GaAs MMICs.
Monday 4th July 2005
AXT revamps its executive board, IBM wins a $5.8 million contract for SiGe development, and Aixtron confirms the appointment of William Elder as chairman of its silicon semiconductor business.
Monday 4th July 2005
Both RF Micro Devices and Skyworks claim new business from Samsung, the third-biggest cell-phone supplier in the world.
Thursday 30th June 2005
The Optoelectronics Industry Development Association says that with the InP industry at a crossroads, it should adopt the successful silicon-style foundry model and endorse greater co-operation.
Wednesday 29th June 2005
Osram Opto Semiconductors agrees to purchase chips from Cree's entire LED product line over the next three years.
Tuesday 28th June 2005
A Department of Energy resolution over intellectual property should accelerate the market introduction of solid-state lighting technology in the US.
Tuesday 28th June 2005
Fiber-optic chip manufacturer Emcore is set to increase manufacturing capacity to meet demand from new customers after an exclusive deal with Cisco expires this week.
Friday 24th June 2005
The Japanese company's European research wing has made continuous-wave blue laser diodes using MBE growth.
Wednesday 22nd June 2005
California-based RF and microwave specialist CAP Wireless is to develop a high-power X-band power amplifier featuring 16 GaN chips made by Cree.
Tuesday 21st June 2005
Motorola's chip manufacturing spin-off says that its latest RF subsystem slashes both component count and board space for high-end handsets.
Tuesday 21st June 2005
The National Center for Reliable Electrical Power will develop solid-state electronics based on SiC to avert serious blackouts of the US power grid.
Monday 20th June 2005
Japanese industrial equipment giant Yokogawa Electric is to build a compound semiconductor manufacturing facility with production of optical switch devices set to begin November 2006.
Friday 17th June 2005
At the International Microwave Symposium, compound semiconductor device makers continue to focus on broadband wireless with TriQuint and Toshiba launching new products aimed at WiMAX and similar applications.
Friday 17th June 2005
LED array developer Lamina Ceramics raises $9 million, substrate polisher Engis opens a new laboratory in the UK, and Jazz Semiconductor ditches plans for a public offering of stock.
Wednesday 15th June 2005
The US chip manufacturer Cree releases a 10W transistor for WiMAX applications.
Monday 13th June 2005
Nichia settles two more disputes over intellectual property in the US, laser manufacturer Intense increases its focus on the printing industry, and the Swedish process technology company Comlase appoints a new VP of engineering.
Monday 13th June 2005
Revenue was up to a record level in the most recent quarter at Finisar, but the fiber-optic component manufacturer's full-year net loss topped $112 million.
Monday 13th June 2005
California-based HRL Laboratories offers a GaN HFET prototyping service to selected customers, as well as a GaN MMIC design kit, and fabrication services on 3-inch wafers.
Thursday 9th June 2005
In the North American cell phone market, Nokia has lost out to the Korean manufacturers LG and Samsung, as well as the local market leader Motorola, which has strengthened its number-one position.
Wednesday 8th June 2005
Unaxis’ major shareholder has forced the company to appoint a new CEO, while all the members of the Unaxis board have resigned.