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Industry News

Tuesday 19th December 2006
According to a survey by Strategy Analytics, AXT has moved up the ranks of GaAs substrate vendors in the opinion of its customers.
Monday 18th December 2006
A Japanese-US collaboration headed up by University of California, Santa Barbara researchers says that it has set a new world best for the efficiency of LEDs based on non-polar and semi-polar GaN.
Friday 15th December 2006
The Taiwanese chip manufacturer has bought a TurboDisc reactor from Veeco with which it will scale up the production of red, orange and yellow LEDs.
Thursday 14th December 2006
GaAs market analysts say that with demand from cellular backhaul applications flattening out, device makers will have to develop multi-functional chips or modules to beat off the competitive threat from silicon.
Thursday 14th December 2006
Analysis of holes drilled by mining firm Gold Canyon has shown that there are more high-grade gallium deposits in Humboldt County, Nevada, than previously thought.
Tuesday 12th December 2006
A new marketing and application deal for quantum cascade lasers; Cree slings some more mud at BridgeLux; Vistec consolidates under one roof; Optium's revenue tracks up; and Endwave sales are hit by the merger of Nokia and Siemens wireless network systems.
Tuesday 12th December 2006
It's IEDM time again, and that can mean only one thing: another record-breaking transistor from Milton Feng and his Urbana-Champaign research team.
Monday 11th December 2006
A research team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that InGaAs-based HEMTs with thin InAlAs barrier layers could become the natural successors to logic processors based on silicon CMOS.
Friday 8th December 2006
A thermal imaging camera originally developed to track missiles looks to be just as useful at making tricky decisions on the cricket field.
Thursday 7th December 2006
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory verifies that Spectrolab's metamorphic structures have set a new world record for conversion efficiency.
Thursday 7th December 2006
Lower-than-expected sales of LED chips for mobile phone backlights are blamed as Cree reveals that its second quarter revenue will be around $15 million below previous guidance.
Wednesday 6th December 2006
Monthly production will more than triple to 100 million units following a sharp increase in demand from outside of Japan.
Tuesday 5th December 2006
A Korean LED maker claims to have launched the world's brightest single-die white LED light source.
Monday 4th December 2006
Two pioneers of III-V quantum-dot technology join forces as NL Nanosemiconductor acquires US-based Zia Laser.
Monday 4th December 2006
InGaAs camera maker Goodrich SUI works on a new sensor for unmanned military aircraft; AXT issues 4.15 million shares; materials start-up Aonex reveals a new approach to nitride substrates; and RF Micro Devices nets $39 million by selling off some Bluetooth assets to Qualcomm.
Thursday 30th November 2006
With a multi-million dollar investment in water management company WorldWater, the compound semiconductor chip manufacturer Emcore shows its intent to move up the terrestrial solar power systems industry chain.
Wednesday 29th November 2006
Evans Analytical widens its range of characterization services with the acquisition of X-ray specialist AMIA Labs.
Tuesday 28th November 2006
An extension to an existing supply deal guarantees that Emcore's photovoltaics division will manufacture several hundred thousand GaAs-based solar cells for US-built communications satellites.
Monday 27th November 2006
Although some Emcore employee stock options appear to have been exercised with the benefit of hindsight, the company says that there is no evidence of any intent to defraud.
Monday 27th November 2006
With Ed Braun set to move into the chairman's seat full time, epitaxy equipment vendor Veeco Instruments has begun its search for a successor as CEO.
Monday 27th November 2006
Morris Young, the technologist who founded compound semiconductor substrate vendor AXT back in 1986, has retired as CTO of the Californian company.
Monday 27th November 2006
From this week onwards, all users will need to sign up as members of the compoundsemiconductor.net online community to gain full access to the web site.
Monday 20th November 2006
Korea-based Seoul Semiconductor launches LED products that can be connected directly to AC-based mains power; Freescale's shareholders approve the chip giant's private equity buy-out; and RF Micro Devices samples more GaN-based power amplifiers.
Monday 20th November 2006
Kyoto-based Shimei Semiconductor is reportedly planning to begin shipping GaN-on-silicon blue LEDs in April 2007.