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Monday 18th August 2008
The popularity of the company's GaAs BiFETs for 3G handsets has been a mixed blessing, with its 10-year veteran CEO departing as it counts the cost of failing to meet demand in 2007.
Friday 15th August 2008
Because they use GaAs instead of germanium substrates, NREL scientists can readily exploit the ideal combination of materials to produce a compound semiconductor cell.
Wednesday 13th August 2008
The LED maker’s vertical integration pays off at the packaged chip level, but at the price of reduced annual profits.
Tuesday 12th August 2008
The chemicals-and-electronics group is shelving its $10 million investment because of slower growth in demand for LCD backlighting.
Monday 11th August 2008
Reducing the gate length of PHEMTs with an InAs channel helps set the frequency standard in research part-funded by Intel.
Friday 8th August 2008
Despite economic worries, yet more firms are looking to make compound semiconductor chips for display backlighting, says the epitaxy equipment manufacturer.
Friday 8th August 2008
Efforts to accelerate the development of the company’s Asian operation to increase output prove unnecessary, as cellphone customers turn to PA makers more capable of meeting their demands.
Friday 8th August 2008
Doubts over cell customer Green and Gold Energy hit Emcore's solar business, but with plenty more customers in the pipeline CEO Hong Hou aims for an initial public offering in 2009.
Wednesday 6th August 2008
The US Environmental Protection Agency says that it is determined to work closely with the Department of Energy on solid-state lighting standards, after the latter accuses the EPA of misrepresenting its Energy Star criteria.
Wednesday 6th August 2008
Increasing sales and an order for 63 kW of GaAs-based fiber-lasers to weld car doors demonstrate growing confidence in the effectiveness of laser manufacturing tools.
Tuesday 5th August 2008
An 850 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser capable of achieving data rates of up to 25 Gbit/s makes its debut.
Tuesday 5th August 2008
The sapphire substrate maker highlights that larger wafer sizes and Taiwanese LCD manufacturers are beginning to make their mark on the LED industry.
Monday 4th August 2008
The Durham, NC, firm has failed to win a bargaining chip to reduce the potentially onerous royalties being demanded by a retired Columbia professor.
Friday 1st August 2008
A Tennessee zinc mine should position Canada's Strategic Resource Acquisition as the largest producer of gallium in the US, and among the world’s top germanium suppliers.
Friday 1st August 2008
By growing AlGaN sideways from angled seed crystals, Hamamatsu Photonics has cut non-radiative recombination while providing a suitable bandgap for UV lasing.
Thursday 31st July 2008
The substrate vendor makes up for lost business from a US fab closure with strong sales of GaAs material to other customers.
Wednesday 30th July 2008
Rapid growth of its multi-market product group and improving handset business fail to offset restructuring charges at the GaAs chip maker, but its vision for the future is a rosy one.
Tuesday 29th July 2008
Veeco has crept back into profit, as it reports deals with new Asian LED customers and increasing interest in III-V solar.
Monday 28th July 2008
The €2.8 million Subtune project wants to hear your original ideas for tunable emitters operating between 750 and 2100nm.
Friday 25th July 2008
Eight years after it sold its optical components business to Corning for a staggering $3.6 billion in cash, the Italian company best known for its tires and calendars is back in the compound semiconductor industry.
Friday 25th July 2008
Still searching for its first ever profit, the company is breaking open manufacturing bottlenecks and investing to try and develop more winning products.
Thursday 24th July 2008
With production of the same GaAs-based components used in Apple’s iPhone now ramping for inclusion in other handsets, 3G is looking like big business for the Hillsboro, Oregon, company.
Wednesday 23rd July 2008
An upsurge in broadband sales has helped the RF chip-maker boost its profits, and the company is acting to remove constraints on further growth despite an impending flat quarter.
Tuesday 22nd July 2008
LED chip maker Epistar is helping its newly-established compatriot Everphoton build the pilot III-V solar system.