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Wednesday 5th October 2005
The GaN-on-silicon specialist is accepting pre-production orders for its wide-bandgap transistors, and already has a Korean customer ready to deploy the technology in power amplifier modules.
Tuesday 4th October 2005
Intrinsic Semiconductor has developed its first micropipe-free SiC substrates, and says that it has the commercial launch of its 100mm SiC wafers slated for the first half of 2006.
Thursday 29th September 2005
Sensors Unlimited has been awarded a $4.5 million DARPA contract to develop a dual-wavelength camera capable of identifying a human target at 100m under no-moon conditions.
Thursday 29th September 2005
Using triple-junction cells provided by Emcore, the solar car Nuna 3 wins the 2005 World Solar Challenge in a record-breaking time and average speed.
Thursday 29th September 2005
Leading IT companies Intel and Microsoft are now backing the Toshiba-led HD DVD Promotion Group, while a Toshiba-Samsung joint-venture company releases the first slim HD DVD read drive for notebook PCs.
Wednesday 28th September 2005
JDSU's higher-power 980 nm pump lasers get qualified for submarine applications, Skyworks looks to extend its power amplifier applications base in a deal with Motorola, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials develops a novel, less-toxic precursor for germanium epitaxy, and RF Micro Devices ships its 10 millionth Polaris transceiver.
Monday 26th September 2005
Copenhagen-based Alight is to take over Infineon's 1300nm VCSEL platform, a technology that relies on dilute nitride materials.
Friday 23rd September 2005
Already working on 4-inch SiC material under an Air Force project, Cree is now offering the larger-format technology to all its customers.
Thursday 22nd September 2005
Imprint lithography specialist Molecular Imprints raises cash, the North American MBE organization hands out its innovation award, and Anadigics reveals an improving financial picture.
Thursday 22nd September 2005
Reports in Japan suggest that Shuji Nakamura's research team in Santa Barbara has found a way to make brighter, more efficient blue LEDs based on GaN.
Wednesday 21st September 2005
Optical chip manufacturer Finisar has entered a potentially lucrative consumer market, with its VCSELs now featuring in a line of computer peripherals made by Logitech.
Tuesday 20th September 2005
Aided by Cambridge University researchers, UK company Element Six says that it has fabricated a diamond Schottky-barrier diode that could challenge SiC in wide-bandgap applications.
Monday 19th September 2005
Announcing itself at ICSCRM in Pittsburgh, local company Caracal claims that it can cut the cost of SiC wafers by 90 percent.
Thursday 15th September 2005
Fiber-optic module maker Xanoptix has morphed into Cubic Wafer, and the company is now focused on three-dimensional integration of silicon and III-V chips.
Thursday 15th September 2005
As reported last month, Cree has signed a $15 million contract with the US Air Force. Now Cree has revealed that some of those funds will be used to switch SiC MMIC production to 4-inch substrates.
Thursday 15th September 2005
A deposition technology developed at Arizona State University allows low-temperature fabrication of low-defect, germanium-rich layers of SiGe, and should help the development of quantum-dot optoelectronics.
Wednesday 14th September 2005
Tegal shareholders approve a re-financing deal, RF Nitro Communications founder Joseph Smart joins the Crystal IS executive team, Bookham raises more cash, and Nokia says that it is going to sell more phones than previously expected.
Tuesday 13th September 2005
Cree has opened an innovation center for packaged LED lighting components in Hong Kong, Bookham is to make a public offering of up to 9.2 million shares in common stock, and the Nasdaq exchange tells Avanex that it will be de-listed unless its share price moves above the $1 figure.
Tuesday 13th September 2005
Toshiba has developed a four-chip transistor based on GaN that emits 174 W at 6 GHz.
Monday 12th September 2005
Agility Communications, a producer of tunable lasers for customers that include Siemens, Marconi and ECI, is to be acquired by JDS Uniphase.
Thursday 8th September 2005
Osram has released its first visible-range laser, an AlGaInP-based 650 nm emitter suitable for medical applications.
Wednesday 7th September 2005
Vitesse Semiconductor releases a new line of InP-based photodiodes in response to what it describes as a "resurgent" optical communications market.
Wednesday 7th September 2005
InGaAs photodetector manufacturer Sensors Unlimited is set to be acquired by Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and a big player in the global aerospace industry.
Tuesday 6th September 2005
Infinera says that Flag Telecom has deployed its InP photonic integrated circuits in some key Asian and European metropolitan networks.